12 Friends Have Built An Ultra Light Real Turbo Jet Airplane

Friends Have Built An Ultra Light Real Turbo Jet Airplane

Posted on November 12, 2018 by tim

If you have a plane that weighs less than 125 kilo then you don’t have to register it even if its a turbo jet. However there were no before such a small turbo jet plane – seemed impossible to build. But those friends have proved it wrong built a real turbo jet that is free of paper work.

This is main plane engineer also goes for first test flight

And this is his business friend who helped with this endeavor

Here is their little plane

They transport it in a box

Here brought to airfield to test flight with their friends.

Would you liked to see how it’s fly? Here is video of plane:

Making noise like real jet, but is very small indeed.

Here is Igor – that’s his name is preparing for taking off

Those are two twin jet engines that will pop from their little hatch


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12 Responses to “Friends Have Built An Ultra Light Real Turbo Jet Airplane”

  1. RB says:

    I love the fact that in Russia you have the freedom to have fun and not get red tape till you lose hope. Here in Canada all crown land is protected even though we have millions of sq kilometers. You can only walk and ride snowmobile on controlled pathways. That’s why you never see stuff like this in Canada because the government wont allow anyone to even make a fishing hut without permission. Can you imagine how much land we have here and no one is allowed to set foot unless you have permission and money.

  2. Gizmo_4ps says:

    The first ultra light aircraft with jet engine was, probably, Coloman’s cri-cri

    Neverthless, this aircraft looks like a “moto-glider”, that is no so uncommon https://newatlas.com/bonusjet-glider-with-jet-engine/16017/ (for example, but you can find a lot googling “jet engine moto-glider, for example)

  3. Stan says:

    LOL @ first pic – is it me or is the dude on the left doing a Nazi salute?!

    • Mistertheory says:

      You would have to ask him. It is possible to catch someone in motion that will make them appear to be doing just about anything you want. Not saying he isn’t, just that we need to be careful about accusations.

    • kwhunter says:

      It is you since he is doing a Roman salute

  4. jon spencer says:

    Almost a miniature U-2.

  5. Jewels Vern says:

    I love the hat with moose antlers!

  6. Nic says:

    You know what would make these flight tests magnitudes safer?

    A helmet.

    It’s a common trend to not wear one when flight testing LSAs and Gas.

    Just wear one. It may not save you, but your chances are much higher than without one.

    Other than that, this is pretty cool.

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