2 Twin Doctors Work in Russia Clinic: Daily Saving Peoples Lives

Twin Doctors Work in Russia Clinic: Daily Saving Peoples Lives

Posted on November 9, 2018 by tim

Igor and Vladimir – 39. They are twins and cardiologists. Their task is to decode cardiology reports. Mobile units go around and collect cardiograms. Then they send them to mainframe where twins can see them too.

They have very trained eyes – worked on over 300k cardio reports since start. So it takes them two minutes to announce a verdict – if the person heart is ill or if working pretty well.

They spent childhood together and together went to work. Also studied in same room in the college years ago.

When we were in college then, we could trick professors think who is Igor who is Vlad – that way we could pretty well on exams – just one of us could prepare and that’s it.

“We have different taste in women” – “Never tricked same girl to bed”

“First month I was messing them then I knew them better now and can tell which one I see” – tell their boss Vladimir M. “They all time together go, even living still together”

“These reports they analyze come from ambulances cars, all the cars we have around have the system to transmit data from the patients heart right to monitor in here. When before it took some days to check persons cardiogram, now it’s instant – forty sec and report is sent to us – analyzing on the spot and replying – person ill, so we don’t waste the time that could cost some people life”.

This is map of cardiograms, live reports from different spots.

Brothers see hundreds of those, everyday they analyze, sometimes even minute late could cause patient a life.


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  1. Douglas says:

    Oh my….I hope these two do not need a cardiac Dr.

  2. Rob says:

    Must be great to always have someone beside you that is so much like you?

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