9 Ultrasonic Airliner on Display – A Rare Sight

Ultrasonic Airliner on Display – A Rare Sight

Posted on November 7, 2018 by tim

Just a couple lucky people got permission to attend – a display of rare plane – first our take on superjet – supersonic airliner that could fly at speeds of mach. Those were Tus, Tu-144s – built in 1970s.

Back in time, in 68 – they decided build a jet that could fly as fast as MiG. Like Concord but Soviet model.

The Concord was flying longer – 75 to 2003. Soviet jet just couple years – after crash at Le Bourget – demonstration flight collapsed, fourteen people died that day.

But they still continued flying – Moscow – Alma-Ata was route. First they carried mail and cargo, then got licensed to carry us.

Even it was civil route they still had a pilot from the Tupolev air bureau – supervising every flight.

Just eight months after line started they dismissed it, the cause was crash. Not with people but another that was tested separately.

Now since then it stays on ground – now already fourty years.

Windows were made of plexiglass – lost transparency with time, turned to be the color brown.

Seven those have been survived.

Those small wings that near pilots is unique from the Concord. They could help reduce the friction during landing and take off.

They saluted with an ark as today its forty years since its last commercial flight.


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9 Responses to “Ultrasonic Airliner on Display – A Rare Sight”

  1. Xavier says:

    I get into it in a museum in germany : Technik Museum Sinsheim

    There are a Concord and Tu144 on top of the museum, its stunning because you can get inside.

  2. Rob says:

    Would love to see the bird refurbished and With four New Saturn AL-31 engines to get the fuel consumption Down.

    • Lumpy Gravy says:

      The bird had so many issues that a completely new development would be a better idea. But then again … who needs civilian airliners that go supersonic? It’s nuts.

      • Cat says:

        You’ve obviously never flown from LA to Melbourne AU … 17 hours in a plane, imagine that cut in half.

        • Lumpy Gravy says:

          Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane
          Ain’t got time to take a fast train …

          … those were the days (Box Tops, 1967). Thankfully, we’ve all learned a bit since. We now know that in the long run a ticket for an aeroplane won’t get us anywhere as it destroys the earth’s atmosphere and jeopardizes our survival on this planet. A few years later (1982) Donald Fagen sang in “I.G.Y” about our insane optimism in future technology and our addiction to speed (“ninety minutes from New York to Paris”) … and of course he was right. In my opinion the whole planet has to slow down, not only speed-wise but in all its frenzied activities like the exploitation of nature and its resources, trade, travel etc. Why does everything have to be “high-speed” these days?

          Besides, non-stop long haul flights as the one you describe represent a tiny fraction of the over all global passenger numbers. Should we really pour who knows how many tens of billions into the development of such a plane (I was being sarcastic when I suggested it), knowing full well in advance that such a plane will always gobble up much more fuel per passenger/mile than a conventional subsonic plane?

          • Mistertheory says:

            I guess you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t believe the damage claims (to the environment) of these airplanes. And yes, I am a trained aviation mechanic, so I am not a complete idiot, maybe just a partial idiot.

    • www says:

      The new project Tu-244 is at the stage of development and preparation of technical documentation and is approaching the final phase; a prototype of a second-generation supersonic aircraft promises to be lifted into the air in 2025.

  3. Konrad says:

    How far we have fallen. We could put men on the Moon and had supersonic passenger planes. Now we worry about the crappy environment and multiply like rats. With no scientific progress and bound to this planet, the humanity will eventually die here.

    • Jrp says:

      Wow… you are correct I have said similar things over the years. Every great thing we have done ended in the 70’s most of our vaccines,medicine, snacks (lol) , all inventing ended and then computers came and distracted us from the fact our science advances have ended.

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