2 Photos of St.Petersburg in 1990s

Photos of St.Petersburg in 1990s

Posted on November 5, 2018 by tim

1990s was a special time in history of Russia – first years of absolute freedom after 70 years of a communist party reign. People were left to themselves – go out and survive somehow – so from one hand a tremendous luxury appeared for some and tremendous poverty for others. The rest were somewhere in the middle, and this are some photos from St.Petersburg at that time:

A big splash in amount of homeless children happened sadly

Old Soviet things were now intervened with new capitalistic items

Police often didn’t know how to react – is it legal already or not legal yet?

Many youth cultures emerged that were banned in USSR

Cars were still mostly Soviet but a lot of new foreign cars started being imported

Coca cola, freedom

Lot of private shops opened – “Vodka Beer Progress”


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