1 Inside of Soviet AN-2 Airplane

Inside of Soviet AN-2 Airplane

Posted on November 4, 2018 by tim


AN-2 planes were very common in Soviet Union and were used in different spheres of life – like passenger small planes on local lines, like farmer crop spraying airplanes, fire watcher planes etc. And here are some photos from particular small details inside of the plane.

The interior of the airplane is very modest – those white things that look like sinks those are the two rows of the seats inside of the airplane.

The question is why there are holes in the seats?

This is why

To put your security belts into a special latch there.

Also when needed the seats can be raised up and the passenger plane is being turned into a cargo plane.

This is a raised seat.

And this part of plane is forbidden to visit during a flight because weight of a person can make a plane out balance and can cause it crash.

It has only different technical parts in this part in the back.

And everything during the flight even the tool box is fixed in its place.


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  1. Andy Record says:

    Great utility plane!

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