1 Berezniki – a City That Stands on the Edge of the Abyss

Berezniki – a City That Stands on the Edge of the Abyss

Posted on November 4, 2018 by tim

Berezniki town is known across the Russia (and even abroad) for the constant happening sinkholes in the town. However not everyone knows on how big scale this is happening and how it looks like, here we are going to explore this topic in detail:

This is how the part of the city looks like – some of the buildings already submerged into water that appeared inside the sinkholes that appeared here recently. Some parts of the buildings already on the bottom.

The first sinkhole appeared here in 1986 – the year Chernobyl accident happened. Then more and more of them caused chained reaction – people say that those sinkholes appear with loud booms and light flashes – probably the gas explosions.

However first sinkholes were appearing in the forest, some distance away from the town.

Then starting year 1993 more and more sinkholes started appearing and over 100 local earthquakes were registered in duration of ten years.

This Ural city is standing on the bottom of ancient salt sea – and for this there are plenty of mines trying to excavate salt, potassium and other minerals from the crystalized sea bottom that is under ground. But also because of this all the water that goes into these appearing sinkholes is a salty water, impregnated with ancient minerals. This lake in the middle of the photo is actually is a flooded sinkhole too which buried a factory inside of it.

Those are survived structures of the factory.

This is a collapsed factory building on the edge of the flooded sinkhole.

Soon these buildings are expected to crawl into abyss too.


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