8 Some Smile Provoking Moments from Russian Army, New Collection

Some Smile Provoking Moments from Russian Army, New Collection

Posted on October 31, 2018 by tim

“There is no such place where the soldier couldn’t sleep” – soldiers sort of always lacking sleep and easily sleep in any position especially during marches .

Yet another example of the above said.

100 days left till the discharge

It’s a popular number – 100 days till discharge

“Soon discharge”

“20 days till discharge, one cigarette per each day and you are home”

“I will come home soon”

It’s all because army is compulsory in Russia so they sort of go there not on their own will and wait to be discharged. The term of service in 2018 is one year (it was two years during USSR)

An Ukrainian soldier after discharge – they (in Russia too) sometimes make such colorful decorations using often white strings to their uniform

One more example of decoration

And more , now a Russian soldier in his parade outfit celebrating coming home from the army


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8 Responses to “Some Smile Provoking Moments from Russian Army, New Collection”

  1. Indy says:

    Sorry, but the Russian army does not make anybody smile. You are not funny when you attack deceiptfully your neighbours…

  2. Indy says:

    Some 4000 families in Russia do not smile about their dead sons and husbands. More will come, until Russia abandons its treacherous invasion plans…

  3. Douglas says:

    There are tailors near most Russian military bases that make those outlandish going home uniforms. Technically one is not supposed to wear those decorated uniforms until you are signed out of the military. If you wear it before discharge, you are ”out of uniform”. From what I observe only a small minority go for the ritual costumes….most just want to go home at the end.

  4. SpasiboIndo says:

    More Zio-homo propaganda from Bibi & Kushner’s trolls. Lying is genetic for you Zionists. 2010- Ukraine signs Karkiv pact, an extension of 1997 Partition Treaty for Crimea to Russian control of Crimea 2017-2047, with 5 year option for low price gas and debt alleviation for Ukraine. BOTH Agreement allows snap deployment of 25,000 Russian infantry troops without notice to Ukrainian authorities- more require consultation.
    1954- Khrushchev in drunken rants grants Crimea to Ukraine as compensation for his role in Holdomor (diverting grain to Hitler for German war technology- DKW & BMW R-12 grant license most famously for Ural motorcycle.) and Jewish Yetsov-Beria-Kaganovic murder of Christian Cossacks, Kiev Russians and Ukrainians.
    Suggested reading: 200 years together Solzhenitsyn. Germans re-opened the few churches the Jewish Bolsheviks had not pillaged and blown up (forgotten Cathedral of Christ the Savior?- the millions of of tortured priests, nuns., imamas and even rabbi). Better speak to Jewish-Russian Vladimir Zhirnovsky about the jewish Bolshevist genocide and torture of religious clergy- real Jewish, Muslim and Christian alike- male, female and child.

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