7 Russian Man Posts Photos of a Hospital He Was Taken to for Healing

Russian Man Posts Photos of a Hospital He Was Taken to for Healing

Posted on October 29, 2018 by tim

He says he was shocked to see one of the main city hospitals for infectious diseases in Ulyanovsk city (Lenin’s home town by the way). He says that he can’t even wash his hands in the room as there is rusty water running from the tap. And that staying in such a hospital makes his condition even worse. Here are couple of photos:

On the other hand we need to mention that everyone in Russia is entitled to free medical services, even such sophisticated services as different types of surgeries – totally free, and with pretty low wait times compared to some “socialistic western countries”. So probably this lack of commerce makes some Russian hospitals be under managed in a way.


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7 Responses to “Russian Man Posts Photos of a Hospital He Was Taken to for Healing”

  1. Indy says:

    Shitty hospitals, shitty free healthcare, but Krym Nash ! One has to choose. Either pay for health, or pay for annexed Crimea…

  2. [¿] says:

    There are quite a few “western countries” with free or next to free healthcare that provides a standard lightyears above what is displayed on those pictures! Those conditions would be condemned on the spot never to be used again! They aren´t appropriate for anything, much less for healthcare.

  3. Ron says:

    Let me just point out that this is not the standard of Russian hospitals, or because Putin said it is supposed to be this way. This is an example of the worst of the worst.

    Most likely government funds to the hospital for renovation has been going into the pockets of the directors and executives for years.

    • Douglas says:

      The Russians I know all try to go to a you -pay private hospital or Dr..

      no comment on this post for now…..the photos speak for themselves.

    • Douglas says:

      The bed we see in the 1st photo is typical of all Russian State Hospitals that I’ve seen. Its almost identical to the beds in hospitals during WW I. …1916. May I add that they have upgraded the mattress from cotton fillings to 3 or 4 inches of foam.

  4. Kent_Diego says:

    As long as he got better. Where I live they built new hospital that looks like a 5 start hotel. Beautiful art works everywhere, stone and stainless steel. I needed to use emergency services. Waited 7 hours to see doctor for 15 minutes. Bill was over $2000. Would have rather gone to run down place.

  5. Leigh says:

    yeah. Its easy to put it on the state/government/corporation. We all know that its Run by psychopaths and sociopaths, out for the quick buck and in amongst them are those that fight to do their best for others, the unsung hero. A few years ago on E.R there was a post showing buckets of road repairing materials, at the store. So you could go fix that damn pothole outside your house that’s been there for 10 years and never got fixed. Its a novel idea where I am as well. people will nag local councils … and after 5 years it might get fixed , the fix lasts 6 months. meanwhile A new house being built will get a line paved better than the road. SO it has become apparent to me, that we need to take our communities back, and fix this kind of thing ourselves. Some left over paint, some extra pavers, a good piece of second hand furniture. Then publicise it, embarrass them Into doing a better job. that water is horrid by the way, drink that and u may end up in the hospital a whole lot longer.

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