9 Crane Truck Smashed 20 Cars in Kiev Today

Crane Truck Smashed 20 Cars in Kiev Today

Posted on October 23, 2018 by tim

Today in downtown Kiev twenty cars were smashed by a crane truck which had a brake malfunction. Here are some photos and a video:

Here is the video, it explains how it happened:

There’s not much you can do in such a situation

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9 Responses to “Crane Truck Smashed 20 Cars in Kiev Today”

  1. Douglas says:

    In most of the photos we see a typical 5 storey Khrushchyovka . The Soviet government required apartments to be no more than 5 stories without an elevator. They were prefab and could be set up in about two weeks. Thousands of these have now been demolished but are still fondly remembered as the home of their growing up years.

    We also see the enclosed balconies which were and are mostly used for smoking. You could go on the balcony, close the door and keep the smoke out of the apartment.

  2. RB says:

    Russian history is always interesting in so many ways. Russia was a secret after the war and it is so far away from most countries. I love all the old buildings made from wood everything has a decoration.
    The point about five floors and elevators is interesting as well, so this tells me it was cheaper to build short then to have to pay for an elevator.

    • Douglas says:

      RB, yes you are correct. But now in more prosperous era….the flats are twenty stories or more with an elevator. But oddly enough the floor plans are nearly the same but larger. Plus they are built by contractors rather than the State…..and you usually have to buy them.

      • RB says:

        Can you please tell me some small things about Russia? I am curious about how many people have access to high speed internet? Here in Canada we are just now trying to give high speed to small towns. For those that have it is it really expensive?

  3. Tshuhna says:

    Is it still possible to drive in Russia without any insurance?

    • Douglas says:

      Since 2003, every car owner in Russia must have an insurance policy covering third-party liability at the very minimum. However, the mandatory, basic auto insurance in Russia is very limited in coverage. Drivers can consider adding voluntary car insurance to top up their coverage to include the driver as well. [from info on the Internet]

  4. kwhunter says:

    Why all this talk about Russia when the carnage happened in Ukraine?!

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