5 Vintage Classic Soviet Movie Posters and Watch Them Online Now

Vintage Classic Soviet Movie Posters and Watch Them Online Now

Posted on October 18, 2018 by tim

Here are some vintage Soviet movie posters and box set cover art for the movies the Soviet Union was selling abroad. They were translated into foreign languages already but some need some explaining. We also tried to find them online and we have good news – most of the movies that were made by the Moscow “Mosfilm” studio are available to watch on YouTube with English subtitles, so just see the posters, read the taglines and watch the ones you think sounding interesting right here. They don’t let us embed the movies but you can click “youtube link” and see it on youtube for free.

Mimino (Russian: Мимино) is a 1977 comedy film by Soviet director Georgiy Daneliya produced by Mosfilm and Gruziya-film, starring Vakhtang Kikabidze and Frunzik Mkrtchyan. Anatoliy Petritskiy served as the film’s Director of Photography. The Soviet era comedy won the 1977 Golden Prize at the 10th Moscow International Film Festival.

Watch online, please turn on the English subtitles (for this and other movies) to be able to understand the film:

youtube link click here

Stalker is a 1979 Soviet science fiction art film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky with a screenplay written by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, loosely based on their novel Roadside Picnic (1972). The film combines elements of science fiction with dramatic philosophical and psychological themes.

The film depicts an expedition led by a figure known as the “Stalker” (Aleksandr Kaidanovsky) to take his two clients—a melancholic writer (Anatoli Solonitsyn) seeking inspiration, and a professor (Nikolai Grinko) seeking scientific discovery—to a mysterious restricted site known simply as the “Zone,” where there is a room which supposedly has the ability to fulfill a person’s innermost desires. The trio travel through unnerving areas filled with the debris of modern society while engaging in many arguments. The “Zone” itself appears sentient, while their path through it can be sensed but not seen. In the film, a “stalker” is a professional guide to the Zone, someone having the ability and desire to cross the border into the dangerous and forbidden place with a specific goal.

Watch online:

youtube link


The Diamond Arm (Russian: Бриллиантовая рука Brilliantovaya ruka) is a Soviet comedy film made by Mosfilm and first released in 1969. The film was directed by director Leonid Gaidai and starred several famous Soviet actors, including Yuri Nikulin, Andrei Mironov, Anatoli Papanov, Nonna Mordyukova and Svetlana Svetlichnaya. The Diamond Arm has become a Russian cult film and is considered by many Russian contemporaries to be one of the finest comedies of all time. It was also one of the all-time leaders at the Soviet box office with over 76,700,000 theatre admissions in the Soviet era. The plot of the film was based on a real-life news item about Swiss smugglers who tried to transport jewels in an orthopedic cast.

Watch online:

youtube link

Viy (Spirit of Evil or Vii, Russian: Вий) is a 1967 horror film produced by Mosfilm and based on the Nikolai Gogol story of the same name.

As a class of seminary students are sent home for vacation, three of them get lost on the way in the middle of the night. One spots a farmhouse in the distance, and they ask the old woman at the gate to let them spend the night. She agrees, on the condition that they sleep in separate areas of the farm.

youtube link

“Three Plus Two”: Three men vacation on a deserted beach near The Black Sea, trying to get away from women and society. However, two women arrive and try to claim the vacation spot as their own. The groups scheme to run each other off the beach.

Watch online:

“Little Vera”: A story about a young woman, Vera, who is somebody, living the life of a troubled teenager in the time right before the end of the Soviet Union. She lives in a very small Russian apartment with her mother and father, however being this close to each other makes the living get rough. Their daily life is plagued with massive amounts of alcohol (mainly vodka) and when she tries to escape her home life, she meets up with a boyfriend, Sergei who then moves into her already small apartment after sleeping with her. Every day little Vera has to go through hell just to get by, which even involves her going against her own morals after her father has done something extremely wrong.

Watch online:

A Railway Station for Two (1983): A waitress from the provincial railway station falls in love with an accidental passenger. Before this passenger lies the menace of distant prison for the crime he didn’t commit.
Director: Eldar Ryazanov

youtube link

To the Stars by Hard Ways (1981): A female creature created in space tries to live on earth and has special (and sometimes dangerous) powers.
Directors: Richard Viktorov, Nikolay Viktorov

Watch online:


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  1. wunx says:

    Many of them are not soviet.

    • tim says:

      they are all Soviet believe me

      • yoyo says:

        Nope they aren’t. Many of them originates from soviet occupied territories, but arent soviet.

        • Lumpy Gravy says:

          With the same crooked logic one might just as well say that the ocean of junk that’s been oozing out of Hollywood since over a century was Mexican as California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Utah were stolen from Mexico in a bloody war. But unlike the stolen territories the U.S. incorporated in 1848 all Soviet republics had the constitutionally guaranteed right to leave the union. None of them did because it was advantageous for these republics to be in the U.S.S.R.

          • mery_christmas says:

            Lumpy, if you really believe what you say you are trully a product of soviet propagadnda. CCCP was made by force and kept together by force. Thats why all countries which are now sovereign run from CCCP just when the first possibility occured. Thats why thousands of people were trying to run from CCCP but no one was taking opposite route. I kindly not mention milions of deaths inside the CCCP of famine, political terror and cleanses.

            And about those posters – Czech Republic, Poland and few other places were never part of soviet cancer, and calling things from there “soviet” is a state of the art lie and bullshit bordering with mentall illness.

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