2 Russian Prison SpetzNaz special Training

Russian Prison SpetzNaz special Training

Posted on October 18, 2018 by tim

Russia has Spetznaz – special forces – this is a pretty well known fact. However, there is not only an army SpeztNaz in the country. There are also Police spetznaz called OMON, and there is a special prison spetznaz or UFSIN SpetzNaz. And this is the photo series of the prison SpetzNaz in training.

As in other SpetzNaz regiments, they have a special marking that denote the “best of the best”. At SpetzNaz its often a dark red beret hat.

They call it crappovij beret. And to “earn” it they have to pass a series of serious tests.

The tests includes a special obstacle course and heavy sparring with the “senior” members of the Spetznaz.

First they have to pass the heavy obstacle course and then tired and dirty they have to fight inside the circle with a few more army members.


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