7 Russian Man Makes Interesting Coin and Zippo Lighter Art

Russian Man Makes Interesting Coin and Zippo Lighter Art

Posted on October 18, 2018 by tim

A Russian man from Yekaterinburg became pretty popular on Instagram for his coin and Zippo lighter engravings. He has already got over 70,000 followers and all the art he makes he is selling.

He says he never designates a price for his art.

He starts with a $0.99 starting price on eBay (the only platform he uses to sell his things) and posts a link into his Instagram account.

Later he says “buyers decide what would be the price themselves by bidding, I never know the final price of my art”.

Here are some more of his creations as well as an animated gif of some of those:


One more animated:


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7 Responses to “Russian Man Makes Interesting Coin and Zippo Lighter Art”

  1. Douglas says:

    I would call these creations dark, insulting to the US and a waste of his talent. As an aggregate they’re patently ugly. Yes, not all ”art” is beautiful and uplifting.

    • James S says:

      I would call you an idiot. How can you get so butthurt by this extremely talented artist.

      • Douglas says:

        James, can’t I have an opinion without your name-calling? If you disagree with me that is fine. Each person sees things differently.

        We can have unity without uniformity.

  2. Amon says:

    There is some requirement that art be beautiful and uplifting now? As an American myself I find his art satirical, but not offensive. Furthermore doing something you love isn’t wasting your talent, wasting your talent is doing something you hate for 20 years.

  3. Wolfie says:

    The only additional thing he should be doing is checking the value of some of those old coins. The could be quite valuable. Other than that, interesting work.

  4. Roberto says:

    I’m deeply impressed by his engraving. A lot of engravers are good designers, but very few are also good artists as he is. As for people complaining about his engraving on coins: this is an old American tradition. They are called “hobo coins” and people think it got started during the Great Depression. Engravers would carve coins and trade them for a meal. Like everyone else, they were on the tramp, so they came to be called “hobo coins”. They are considered a real display of the engravers skill, in this case, extremely high.

    Also, a note about his equipment. He is using a pneumatic engraver, probably one made by several American companies that make them.

    Super Good Work! Hope we see some more.

  5. frank says:

    I think it is brilliant artwork. Very original ( completely new to me ) and interesting designs. I wish I were that talented. Thanks to Roberto for his explanation.

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