16 UPDATED OCT 18: A full Recap of Explosion and Mass Shootings in Crimea College Today

UPDATED OCT 18: A full Recap of Explosion and Mass Shootings in Crimea College Today

Posted on October 17, 2018 by tim

2018-10-17 13.35.53

There was a terror act today in Crimea. This happened in a Kerch Polytechnic College. Over 20 people are already reported dead, 40 wounded. Terrorist or terrorists used explosives and automatic rifles to shoot kids. Here are some photos, videos and facts.


Around 11:40 am Moscow time there was an explosion in a college in Crimea. At first people reported it as a gas explosion, however it turned out there is no gas in this college. Later new information starting to come in:

Here is a video of a college principal calling someone. She left the college just 30 mins before the terror attack. This is what she is saying:

“There are many many dead bodies of kids. They blew up the room, then ran through the hallway and were throwing explosives in other rooms They were running with assault rifles and were killing everyone who was still alive If I wasn’t go out I would be dead like my Nastya and her mom!”

And here is another witness calling, a girl:

Here is what she saying:

“Vika, they blew up our Politech (college).I scratched my hand. We were running and kids were just lying. They were shooting there, you understand, they were shooting! I cant breath My friend was killed before my eyes. I saw how she fell down and couldn’t stand I’m afraid to stay home!”


Here a couple photos from outside:

2018-10-17 11.35.18

2018-10-17 11.35.21

“We were just standing outside and then suddenly heard a loud BOOM and windows from the second floor just fell down on the ground” – say a couple of students outside

One more witness account:

2018-10-17 12.21.17

“We spoke with witnesses, they heard shots, did you hear it too? Yes, they killed a teacher right before me! Who was firing, have you seen him? A guy. They say it was a blonde man in a green hoodie, can you confirm? Yes I saw blonde hair, that’s all I know”

Police are looking for a white haired man in a green hoodie and jeans

Meanwhile the army has arrived at the college:

Army arrived at the college that had a terror act today, 200 soldiers and around 10 BTRs and other vehicles They will be helping cleaning up debris now


2018-10-17 12.28.30

First photo of an attacker has been published. This is the man everyone is looking for now

Cook from a nearby cafe arrived there, one of the first. Here is what he said:
“How many victims?
30+, They were taken away in cars, buses, people helped.
Are those kids?
Kids and teachers
What did you see?
Shots were fired, I heard shots, came here saw people without hands and legs.
When did it happen?
40 min ago. There were tons of people without legs. 30+ people. Still alive when I came.
2018-10-17 12.44.40
One more photo of an attacker. They say there were two attackers, around 25 years old (not students of the college, it seems). One of them entered the college in one set of clothes then changed his clothes.
Crimea is in lockdown – there are mobile police posts blocking the roads, checking all cars in Kerch city (where the explosion happened) and also cars entering Crimea bridge (leading to Russian Krasnodar region).
  • update4:
  • DptUul5W4AIJBfK.jpg-large
  • they say they found the body of one of the attackers
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A suspect in college attack was shot down on the second floor, a boy born in 2000

The boy named Vladislav, born in the year 2000. It seems he was behind an attack on a college in Crimea today with over 20 victims. He was found dead upstairs. It seems he shot himself


He left his bag in the cafeteria, the survived students say. Then was an explosion. He was telling his friends earlier that he was experimenting with explosives at home.


Seems he was fan of Novorosia according to his social network page. Also it’s known that he got a permit for a rifle a couple of days ago and then bought 150 rounds of ammo for it

Another photo from the attacker’s social page:


This is where the college attacked is located, near the Crimean bridge


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  1. Indy says:

    Reminds me of 1999 bombing, which were false flag to help Putin’s election. I would not be astonished if it was the same for a further invasion of Ukraine (with the blessing of the ROC which wishes to keep the UOC as his)…

    Time will tell, but I hold bets !

  2. MattNSW says:

    It could be Ukrainians, it could be Crimean kids taking a leaf out of America’s book and targeting their classmates, it could be someone else. Whichever way, total and utter arseholes for killing kids. Let them burn. No mercy.

  3. Nominoë says:

    Hello, thank you for your reporting, in france, there is totally nothing about it, i have a few questions,
    Are you living near the attack ? because you seem well informed an tuch by the events.

  4. jeffrey l melton says:

    My prayers and condolences to the people of the Crimea college attack. Collect all terrorists involved and send them before the firing squad.

  5. Douglas says:

    Ignorant suicidal kids trying to be relevant in a complex political situation they know little about.

  6. Harrah says:

    This could not actually have happened, because Obama said that mass shootings only happen in America! /s

  7. aitch says:

    Man these Halloween costumes are so realistic this year wow

  8. MattNSW says:

    A messed up kid with anger issues, a broken home, and access to guns. Not a good mix in any country.

  9. Dave Pen says:

    That’s a 12 gauge pump action shotgun with a pistol grip in the picture that he’s loading rounds in. Not an automatic rifle.

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