3 New Colorized Photos of Russia at Beginning of 20th Century

New Colorized Photos of Russia at Beginning of 20th Century

Posted on October 16, 2018 by tim

Here is a nice new collection of colorized photos from Russia at the dawn of 20th century.

Russian prince Alexei together with his dog Joy

Guards of “propaganda train” 1919

Woman from “battalion of death” 1917

Army guarding central telegraph in St.Petersburg 1917

Russian captain Sedov

Aviators from 1900s

Tsar and his wife

Procession in Petersburg


Russian army general Wrangel in 1921 in Turkey after fleeing from Russia


Stalin and Lenin

Admiral Kolchak

Famous Russians – Pirogov (doctor) , Stasov, Gorky (writer), Repin (artist) 1905

Gramophones shop in St.Petersburg 1910

Lenin at a meeting 1920

Tsar and prince in exile after the revolution, 1918


Singer Shalyapin and writer Kuprin

Communists top leaders during 1919 celebration of one year revolution anniversary

Drinking team in Yaroslavl 1900s

Leo Tolstoy in color

Leo Trotsky

Russian silent movie actress 1916

Red Army soldiers 1919

Family of a photographer 1897

Gregory Rasputin


Russian Tsar comes to army in 1916

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3 responses to “New Colorized Photos of Russia at Beginning of 20th Century”

  1. jmdudley says:

    Excellent photo’s, most interesting to see such famous people of long ago.

    • Lumpy Gravy says:

      … “infamous” seems more appropriate for some of them. History could have done without Trotsky, Kolchak and Wrangel, all three of them sworn enemies of the Revolution, albeit from different sides. Kolchak actually looks like a nazi and of course, he acted like one. Images of Nicholas II always remind me of Dmitri Medvedev. Now, why is that? Hmm… Lenin addressing a crowd is one of the few images that deserve the much overused term “iconic”. But when you read RT or Sputnik today, they find almost everything “iconic”. Morons. Stalin had bad skin. But we knew that. Poor little Joseph had survived smallpox as a child. The guy enjoying a solitary Christmas dinner and Rasputin are plain weird and the “drinking team” actually seem to be having tea! I wouldn’t call that “drinking”. My favorites are Gorky & friends, the gramophone shop, the family of a photographer, the image where the samovar seems to be a member of the family, the mysterious and beautiful looking silent movie actress and of course, Leo Tolstoy. He’s pure magic! Shame, his wife gave him such a hard time.

  2. satto says:

    Drinking team,lol

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