3 Weird Photos from Russia Part 151

Weird Photos from Russia Part 151

Posted on October 15, 2018 by tim

A new selection of funny and weird photos from Russia, all on one page.

For a drunk person even a flower bed is a bed.

They say Russians are good at maths

She probably took to heart all those compliments “I heard an angel descended from the skies”

Nice stick

Some people are making nice “dirty car” art.

This small instrument is a sort of Russian “gusli”, a forgotten instrument, or Finnish Kantele (probably similar)

Who needs a fur coat if you can have a cat


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3 Responses to “Weird Photos from Russia Part 151”

  1. brightdark says:

    Russia is an interesting and VERY weird place. I want to visit it!

  2. Douglas says:

    I looked at the photos and knew only one thing….this had to be Russia. No other place looks like this.

  3. MattNSW says:

    That playground is what happens when you hire a guy who can’t tell the difference between metres and centimetres

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