4 New Part of Weird Photos from Russia

New Part of Weird Photos from Russia

Posted on October 8, 2018 by tim

“Generation in debt”

The highest building in Europe in St.Petersburg, a Gazprom headquarters surrounded by these houses.

“Nothing special, just kids from a kindergarten like their kindergarten number 69″

Satellite dishes in Russia

“Not enough funds to load the image”

Opera house?

“It doesn’t mean I should stay at home”

A priest looking at alcohol

“Kids, let’s live in peace”

How it did finish up here?

A hermitage museum in St.Petersburg

“Ann (Karenina) is an idiot, life is beautiful”

“A store of the dream”

“Grocery store”

“Hotel California”

This is a weird bundle

“If you overtake me I’ll force you to marry me”

“Best years” floating by us

Man wanted revenge on his friend, so he took the number plate from his friend’s car and went speeding 40km/h where the limit is 20km/h – as a result his friend received this photo and citation in the mail.

“Don’t carry fat women, the car will break up”

“Potatoes tasty as meat”

Hope you liked those

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4 Responses to “New Part of Weird Photos from Russia”

  1. Douglas says:

    For anyone who loves the Ruski people like I do, these are wonderful photos. Welcome anytime Tim.!

  2. Sasquatch says:

    The satellite dishes are awesome.

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