5 Trip to Abandoned Russian Village

Trip to Abandoned Russian Village

Posted on October 3, 2018 by tim

A week ago, a Russian blogger returned from a trip to some abandoned villages in the North of Russia.  Here is a selection of photos he made from three neighboring abandoned villages.

He says these places are hard to travel to in summer because of the danger presented by ticks and tick infection – encephalitis. “Change clothes a few times a day, spray anti tick aerosol all the time, etc.” says the traveller.

“Especially in such shrubs” says the man.

These houses are all abandoned.

They are in different condition – some are a total ruin like this – some are in better condition, like the ones above.

Some are in almost perfect condition inside, like this one.

With old Russian (or Soviet) details.

This bed has a “mattress” made of dry weeds. There is also a weed “decoration” pinned to the wall.

And those huge stoves are awesome – they were heating the whole house and also used to cook food.

Here cabinets are used to divide the room into two parts.

And from the outside the houses look nice too.

Some still bear the traces of artistic woodwork.

However most of the houses look like this inside.

But there are “diamonds” among them – looking almost untouched, like people just left and would come back soon (in reality – never)

And a couple more details.

Thanks to the photographer for the photos, his website is below (private blog):


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5 Responses to “Trip to Abandoned Russian Village”

  1. Trimule says:

    Fascinating! I wish some details on why they were abandoned had been included. Some look like the people simply walked out the door and didn’t return(similar to Russian and Japanese nuclear accident towns). Others appear to have been cleaned out by owners and still others show signs of looting. Thanks for the article – everybody loves a good “abandoned places” piece.

  2. rob Nordmann says:

    Just sad.

  3. Michael says:

    Can anyone explain purpose of corner detail in photo six? It looks like window with no glass, and a white curtain in front. Thank You.

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