8 What Damage Can Russian X-35 Missiles Cause to a Ship

What Damage Can Russian X-35 Missiles Cause to a Ship

Posted on October 1, 2018 by tim

This photos comes from Soviet times, around the 1980s, when the Soviet army tested newly made X-35 missiles on a real target, an ocean going ship “Mashuk”.

This is the ship before the test hit of missiles.

The missiles were loaded onto a Su-34 bomber and it took off. A few minutes later the pilot hit the trigger and a couple of X-35s were shot in the direction of the ship:

The damage was serious.

And here is the video showing similar X-35 missiles hitting ships:

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8 Responses to “What Damage Can Russian X-35 Missiles Cause to a Ship”

  1. geoff says:

    Military and there weapons all designed to kill or injure soft humans. Humans that you can hurt and almost kill just with words. Try calling one of them stupid and watch them get insulted, become angry, defensive and ready to use violence. That is when they need guns and missiles to kill all the people who think they are stupid.
    We need to evolve, do you want your kids and grand kids to have a world to live in.
    Military, any military, is the ultimate form of ignorance.

  2. HorseSoldier says:


    I understand the point you are making, but those weapons exist precisely because of the world we live in. Eliminating militaries will not resolve that.
    Humans are, by their very nature capable of violence. The most base human trait is survival. If someone, or something threatens that survival, most humans will respond defensively. Some humans over react, but that is more because they are ignorant of what is appropriate, than what is human.
    I am, as you may have surmised, a former professional soldier. I have never initiated violence against anyone, or anything. I have however, responded to provocation from threats. I have been trained, and exercised to respond, but not over react. All response must be measured by what is appropriate to the threat.
    You suggest humans need to evolve. I would argue that we have. Perhaps not in the way you think we should have, but violence is far less prevalent in the modern world, than in the past. Yes, when violence breaks out, it can be very terrible, but it doesn’t happen nearly as often as in the past. Can we do better? Certainly. Should we continue to strive to do better? Absolutely! Much of the violence you know of, is only known because of media covering it, not because there is more of it.
    My question to you is simply this. When an evil person, or a tyrant attacks you, should you simply allow them to do so? Or Should you defend yourself, and protect those around you who can not protect themselves. I would suggest that an honorable human defends themselves, and others from evil.

    That may require violence, but only proportional violence, not gratuitous violence, lest one become the very evil they fight.

    The world is made up of three types of people. The vast majority of whom are, for lack of a better term, sheep. They go along, to get along, they just want to graze the grass in peace, raise their children, and live, and let live. The next largest group are what I call wolves. They are inherently evil, selfish, and harmful to society. They will engage in any activity to accomplish their goals. The third, and smallest group are sheepdogs. We are the people who spend our lives protecting the sheep from the wolves. We are often disliked, because we encourage the sheep to do the right thing, even if it isn’t popular, or fun. We are often demonized by both the sheep, and the wolves, because we stand on the wall, sentinel, to protect the sheep, and stop the wolves.

    Worry more about the wolves, than the sheepdog.

    • Pjotr Pacifica says:

      Even though I am a pacifist I do think you make a compelling point and a beautiful analogy using the ovine flock.

      I think you are right (how is that possible, people on the internet that agree!) in saying that there will always be a need for the sheepdog, and I am grateful that there are people that feel the need to protect and will give their lives in doing so.

      But (and here comes the but), I am afraid that in our current (US influenced, I’m European myself) society the herdsmen whistling at the sheepdog are not doing so to protect the flock but to appease the wolves meanwhile lining their own pockets.
      I think there is something fundamentally flawed in the way governments ‘protect’ their subjects. Pushing the sheep in their corners making them have to choose which side they are on, telling them the other sheep are the enemy and making them wolves in the process.

      All analogies aside, since the invention of fire the human world has been a violent one, and I think you are right in saying today is the most peaceful period we have ever lived in. But evil has never been this powerful and I fear that if we are not heading for a new World War, there will be a crippling Civil War in the US in the near future, destabilizing the entire western world with it.

  3. HorseSoldier says:


    Like most soldiers, I hate war. I accept that it is sometimes a necessary evil, but it is not something any thinking soldier enjoys. After all, who is it who suffers the most in a war. Soldiers. Yes, everyone who is affected suffers, but let us be honest, soldiers are always the most affected.

    I suspect that many people will agree, at one level, or another, if they just listen to others with an open mind, and are willing to discuss with civility the differences they may have.

    I also agree with you that most governments are heavily populated by wolves, and when the wolf holds the leash of the sheepdog, all of society has a problem. Wolves are very adept at lying, and making themselves look like the good guy. The problem, as I see it is that the sheep are far too often easily swayed by emotional stories, rather than facts. The modern (western) world has become so mislead by emotional fairy tales, and many “feel good” lies, that they are now willing to believe in so much that just isn’t so. They no longer listen to their own intelligence, reason, and logic, nor do most of them seem willing to go do a little research to determine the validity of an argument.

    As to a future world war, or civil war in the U.S., I fear you are all to correct on both counts. Not that they will necessarily occur, but that they are increasingly likely, and worst, there are many wolves who see it as advantageous to them to foment such catastrophes.

    If more people would look at the real world, not the world as someone else wants them to see it, and set aside their false outrage, the core of the Enlightenment, Reason, Logic, Facts, and Truth, would again begins to win out.

    We can only hope that such will occur, and when those who believe in those things encourage others to begin to use their own intelligence, etc to look at the world, perhaps we can step away from the precipice.

    • geoff says:

      To horse soldier.
      We will have a world that your contribution as a soldier has helped to bring about when future generations have grown enough to agree that no human will harm another human, no matter what. But can we teach our kids to become peaceful life loving people if we also teach them that violence is ok under certain circumstances. Then who will teach them what represents an enemy. Who’s beliefs will infect them.
      Horse soldier I am sorry for my impossibly idealogical view, but it is my view and the way I live my life. I am also sorry for my deliberately inflammatory first comment about military, somedays I feel frustration and I just blame whatever.

  4. RB says:

    Since we have all this wonderful tec we might as well kill each other with it right? Like we have nothing better to do then hurt each other.

  5. america rules says:

    Most modern Russian missile didn’t sink a 40-year old ship. Interesting

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