2 Russian Bear Stepan the Hero of Photo Sessions

Russian Bear Stepan the Hero of Photo Sessions

Posted on September 27, 2018 by tim

There is stereotype that bears walk on the streets in Russia. That’s not true of course, but sometimes its true. Here we tell you about a famous twenty-two year old bear called “Stepan” who starred in many commercials, video clips, music videos, TV shows and also photo sessions with celebrities.

Here is Stepan with Steven Seagal

Here is a frame from Russian TV show when he “scares” a family

Also he starred in Russian movie “Tsar” on a green screen.

His “parents” are trainers Svetlana and Yuri.

He lives with them in their house.

So they make many fun photos at home.

Stepan likes to eat Kasha.


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2 Responses to “Russian Bear Stepan the Hero of Photo Sessions”

  1. Douglas says:

    If I move to Russia I want to get a bear and learn to play the balalaika. I don’t drink, so I will forgo the famous vodka. The Russian culture is great overall…..the people can be your best friends.

    • Douglas says:

      Bears can be picky eaters. I will have to get some expert advice on what they prefer.

      Friends tell me I will need a truck that’s able to carry Bear around. Might need to go to the Vet Dr.

      I would get a bear here in the US but I did learn its almost impossible due to strict wild animal Laws concerning keeping them on your private property. Lots of Red Tape.

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