7 36 New Weird Photos from Russia

36 New Weird Photos from Russia

Posted on September 24, 2018 by tim

Here is a new collection of weird or strange, or sometimes funny, photos from planet Russia. All on one page, as you like it:

It’s an antenna on a TV truck. “If it works it’s not stupid”

A Russian restroom is like this

What’s she trying to see there?

Bit of an extreme wheel chair ramp

Restroom markings

Killing bugs with a flip flop is a normal thing, but for bit more effect there is a handle on it

Bicycle road markings in a Russian town

“Is that for ants?”

A dad built a “car” for his son

“Is that for ants?”-2

During the latest flooding people were knee deep in water inside their houses in this town but TV was showing programs on how bad life in Ukraine really is – like the tv screen says “Ukraine is peaking down”

“When you say I have a lambo but it’s at Babushkas house in a village and nobody believes you”

What an art! By the way, those shrooms on the roof are the psychedelic shrooms growing in Russia with high psilocybin content in them.

Nike is almost as popular as Adidas in Russia

When you got fired from your Iron Man job and moved to Russia..

Not really cool, is it

Men want only one thing, and it’s disgusting

However, this drink is probably more disgusting than the thing men want

Countryside weddings are always big fun

Pay or leave, human

What was on his mind when he ordered a decal like this on his van?

“Yo Dawg, we heard you like a car in the car so we..”

Russian people love carpets.

If Spiderman was Russian

High fashion

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7 Responses to “36 New Weird Photos from Russia”

  1. MattNSW says:

    Those bike path markings are actually pretty cool, very whimsical. You wouldn’t see them here because some idiot would blame them if they crashed and sue the local council.

  2. jon spencer says:

    That little wrench is probably from what is called a “ignition set”.
    These small wrench’s were used to work on the points and rotors back before electronic ignitions and in other tight spaces.
    They can come in sizes from 2mm to 11mm with reduced length.
    Many times on the open end wrenches they heads will be angled instead of inline with the handle too.
    You really don’t need a big wrench on a 2mm nut or bolt head.

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