6 After School Activities of Soviet Kids

After School Activities of Soviet Kids

Posted on September 18, 2018 by tim

During the Soviet era, children’s after school activities were kind of very popular. Almost every Soviet kid attended some kind of a group where he was being trained in some kind of activity. Here are some photos and examples of what those activities were (the first one is airplane modelling for kids from the USSR).

A group for rocket construction for middle school kids

Boat and ship modeling section

Robot building group

Electronics and radio construction group

Programming section (girls attended too)

Zoological group

Advanced geography section

Wood artwork section (burning pictures on wood)

Wood cutting art section


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6 Responses to “After School Activities of Soviet Kids”

  1. Lumpy Gravy says:

    Very nice! Better times …

  2. Fyodor says:

    The sixth picture is almost certainly not from the USSR. The kids, dressed in distinctly 1980’s western (really American) clothing, are using Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computers (1st generation) attached to 13-inch Radio Shack color TVs. The TVs were sold as “TRS‑80 Color Video Receivers”. The computers are very distinctive with their grey/silver coloring, chiclet keyboard with red “Break” key and large right-hand side cartridge slot. They were produced from 1980-1983. Enthusiasts and collectors now refer to this model by the name “CoCo 1″.

    This post appears to be lifted from (or duped at) https://porosenka.net/2018/09/11/art85985.html

  3. viazkii says:

    Even if a photo is not ‘Soviet’, fewer drug dealers and delinquents circulated among the young.
    I would stay here again at those years !!!

  4. Juan says:

    It’s no wonder generations of Russian Children have grown up to be intelligent critical thinking Adults. What a lovely and inspiring Educational system, Full of Creativity. The Garbage we have in the Western World is pure propaganda on Children and wasted trivial anglo hysteria/history and Geography. Anyways GREAT POST!

  5. sinan says:

    But nooo, this stuff is evil. children instead should: stay inside all day playing video games, do drugs, learn to worship money.

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