0 Archive Photos of World War 2 By Alexander Kapustyanski

Archive Photos of World War 2 By Alexander Kapustyanski

Posted on September 3, 2018 by tim

Alexandr Kapustianski travelled through Russia and Europe during WW2 together with the army. He participated in the siege of Berlin, too. And here are some of his best photos.

Stalingrad frontline, 1942

Loading bombs on an American bomber 1942

Morning hygiene by the Russian army at Kuban river

Captured Germans at 1st Ukrainian Front.

At the Don river

Taking ammo to the front, near Stalingrad 1942

Loading a German trophy car onto an airplane.

The Stalingrad frontline

The Stalingrad frontline 1942

Peasants in a Romanian village during the war 1943

At the Don river, 1943

The first “Red Arrow” train goes from Moscow to Leningrad after the Leningrad blockade (encirclement) was broken

Rzhev town

During a short break, Howitzer crews listen to the commander reading the latest news from the newspaper.

Englishmen liberated from a German camp by the Red Army play with captured German dogs

Poznan city in Poland 1944

Captured Germans 1944

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