8 How Russian Oil Field on Artificial Islands Looks Like from Above

How Russian Oil Field on Artificial Islands Looks Like from Above

Posted on August 25, 2018 by tim

Those little islands are called “bushes”. There are oil pumps placed on them. This is a Samotlor oil field near Nizhnevartovsk. The oil deposits are on the bottom of the lake and swamp so there are many artificial islands made on which they drill the well and put an oil pump.

This is how it all looks from the satellite point of view.

And this is a photo from the helicopter

The islands are connected with artificially created roads, the length of which is many hundreds of kilometres, there are long distances here.

Ant this is how those “bushes” look on an oil engineer’s map. There are over a thousand of those wells here.


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8 Responses to “How Russian Oil Field on Artificial Islands Looks Like from Above”

  1. Ron says:

    Interesting how some of these artificial islands already have meadows and small, real forests of trees growing on them.

  2. jon spencer says:

    Once the rigs and pumps are gone from a island, those islands sure look good for cottages.
    Waterfront property, few close neighbors and probably good infrastructure for utilities.
    Good fishing, hunting too?

    • maks says:

      And destroyed environment, typical for soviet technological culture.

      • Gazza says:

        Destroyed environment? The lake and vegetation look healthy from here, no obvious oil pollution or land spoilage. I think you have a biased perspective.

        • maks says:

          My bias endes when i enter Chelyabinsk. There bias meets the reality and confirms it. Be real, soviets devastated enormous land amounts. Have warm vacation at Aral see! No bias, just expierience.

          • Asmodeus says:

            Soviet commies wanted to industrialize the country fast, at any cost. And they did… The destroyed surrounding environment was one of those ‘costs’… Curiously, today anti-commie firebrands like the US Republicans share that disdain for their surroundings. Right-wingers are going Soviet on that matter these days.

            Extremes touch themselves.

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