3 Color Photos of 1907-1911 Altai Mountains of Russia

Color Photos of 1907-1911 Altai Mountains of Russia

Posted on August 25, 2018 by tim

The man, the photographer – Sergei Borisov, was born into a “slave” family. Until 1861, slavery was legal in Russia in the form of serfdom. He was forced to work since an early age, until later he was freed and moved away to Barnaul where he found his passion in photography and opened his own photo studio. As time passed by, it became the biggest and most popular studio in town, so he had enough money to go on a trip to the Altai mountains and he brought back over 1500 photos from there.

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A Kazakh on a horse with a golden eagle

A Kazakh woman in a wedding dress

A group of Kazakh people near their house – a yurt

Inside the Kazakh yurt

An Altai man in his national dress.

An Altai woman in her national dress

Altai people near their house, those houses were called “Chaadir”

An Altai shaman with a tambourine in front of a “Chaadir” house

A chaadir house in the Altai mountains, surrounded by rocks


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