6 26,000 Different Weapons on Display at Army 2018 Russian Armaments Expo

26,000 Different Weapons on Display at Army 2018 Russian Armaments Expo

Posted on August 25, 2018 by tim

These days, near Moscow, there is an “ARMY-2018″ expo show going on. It is the fourth time in a row that it has been held here. Marina, the photographer, went there and took some unique photos from the closed show.

(A reminder that all of the photos can be clicked to be seen in higher resolution, navigated with arrows)

There is over 26,000 different pieces of armaments in the exposition.

It goes on in 60,000 m2 of closed pavilions and 500,000m2 in the open air.

Rescue trucks

The newest T-14 Armata tank

BMP “Terminator” in sand camouflage – last year the tests of the vehicle was going on in Syria

BMP Kurganets-25

Note how they have their own hashtag #forumarmy posted on the tanks

BMP “Boomerang”

Self propelled cannon, “Koalitsia”

A T-15 armored vehicle on an Armata platform

Multiple Rocket Launcher “Smerch” (Tornado)

120mm self propelled gun “Hosta”

Arctic vehicles

Inflatable models to fool the enemy

Military personnel from over 100 countries attended

“Malka” howitzer

Army generals arrive in helicopters

Like, the Russian minister of defense

The Indian air force has its own booth

And other Indian companies

This unmanned boat drone BUK-600, has solar panels too

All-terrain vehicle Krechet

Models of high resolution spy satellites

Torpedoes to carry microphones and other apparatus

These are military vehicles from Belarus

And this is the Roskosmos display – the company that launches Russian space rockets

A drone helicopter

And also a manned helicopter on the same platform

A model of multi-purpose ekranoplan

One more drone helicopter

Many booths with uniforms

And this is more expositions outside – “Helicopters of Russia”

For the first time, the new MI-28NE helicopter is on display

It has thicker armor, and more modern self-guided rockets

And anti-tank missiles “Chrisantema-M” with a two-channel guiding system, it can hit tanks up to 10 kms away

And laser guided bombs.

Higher power engines and a stronger propeller make it possible to fly easier in mountains and hot climates

Also the new version of “Night Hunter” has a higher cruising speed and can control drones

New transport-combat helicopter Mi-35M

And Mi-35P



And a couple of photos from the closed show of the live action performance – shooting targets at the nearby drill site

Only a few photographers were allowed, including Marina

Thanks to Marina for the photos, her website is below:


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6 Responses to “26,000 Different Weapons on Display at Army 2018 Russian Armaments Expo”

  1. Douglas says:

    This show is like some demonic and depraved toy store for adults. But sooner or later these items end up obsolete and in the junkyard, like we see in many other posts here.

  2. Han Solo says:

    I don’t see the Buk used to bring down a civil plane over Ukraine not long ago. Good to see that the BMP terminator has been previously tested in Syria. Now I feel safer. That’s why the wars in Syria and Ukraine? To test new weapons? “Surely not!” Putin dixit.

    • www says:

      In the bombing of Iraq Yugoslavia Libya, Putin is to blame? Or is it that the Vietnamese attacked the United States and the US defended themselves on the territory of Vietnam? Brainwashing on CNN and BBC gives results.

      Western sponsored terrorist groups (like white helmets) arrange fake gas attacks. mass media unleash these fake news, there is an occasion for the invasion and bombardment of the countries. Many times the same scenario

    • FunnyMerican'ts says:

      …”Now I feel safer…”.- LOL.

      SCARED? Of course you are… and that’s why you’re here.

      Funny kids.

  3. Tutan Camon says:

    Wasted money,circus in town…..

  4. Muzzlehatch says:

    The Malka is similar to the US M110 203mm (8″) howitzer. The Americans, however, abandoned the M110 in the late 90s and cut up the barrels to make “bunker buster” bombs.

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