5 Russian Army Robot IGOREK from Kalashnikov Company

Russian Army Robot IGOREK from Kalashnikov Company

Posted on August 21, 2018 by tim

Today, during an “Army 2018″ expo forum, the Russian company Kalashnikov has presented journalist with an “Igorek” (diminutive from name Igor). They stated that this is, and I quote: “a unique anthropomorphic marching complex that can be used to solve different combat and even engineering tasks”.

Despite the concept being shown to public, they didn’t reveal any more details about the robot.

The Kalashnikov representative said that the further development of this technology is going to be revealed as soon as the year 2019 or 2020.

Right now it has been codenamed “Igorek” and it weighs 4.5 ton.

Looks a bit like this thing, doesn’t it?

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5 Responses to “Russian Army Robot IGOREK from Kalashnikov Company”

  1. Douglas says:


    Russians are very advanced in the robot department.

  2. Collateral Justice says:

    Since when does a non-functioning static art deco piece pretend to be a robot?

    Socialist Media is ready to come out of the closet and admit visual stimulation can distort reality to fit the false narrative.

    More like this blog site can openly mock and insult humans who support this behavior modification because we are this stupid.

    • FunnyMerican'ts says:

      …”Socialist Media is ready to come out of the closet and admit visual stimulation can…”.-LOL.

      Anything that Merican’t kids find a bit hard to understand, ordifferent, is “socialist”. When it’s scary, is “communist”. They were taught to see the world that way.

      Funny people.

  3. Douglas says:

    Companies like Kalashnikov will have a working model of their robots available to view on the inside of their building. Its reasonably of them to have a non-working mockup for us to view outside the building

  4. Mike says:

    Potemkin village. Only the best, invincible weapons come out of Russia. Then they turn out to be mostly fables for domestic consumption.

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