3 Kiev Had a Strong Flooding Last Night

Kiev Had a Strong Flooding Last Night

Posted on August 19, 2018 by tim



A strong rain last night turned downtown Kiev into a mudpit. There was that much water that it took mud and debris with it and flooded cars, stores, etc. Here are some photos by Vladimir Bugaenko and others, all on one page:


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3 Responses to “Kiev Had a Strong Flooding Last Night”

  1. Moto Kurye says:


  2. Ron says:

    What a mess… a good idea when building new infrastructure today is to plan for excessive rainfall and flooding, and use proper dimensions on sewers etc. to handle all water.

    • Asmodeus says:

      Yup… What a disaster.

      Climate is getting more extreme every year. City Planners have to think about that when making repairs.

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