0 Funny Photos from Russia [part 151]

Funny Photos from Russia [part 151]

Posted on August 17, 2018 by tim

A new collection of funny stuff from Russia. All photos are on one page.

“It’s so cool in summer” and a migrant worker in a trench

A policeman having his portrait drawn

Mason Lodge renamed to Myason (Meatson Lodge)

“Reason and love, return to Russia”


“Studio of dance” – above it the banner says “Dances in a residential property without noise protection is an insult”

“This is an automatic gate, don’t repeat the mistakes of others”

“Be damned the one who would spoil the bulb”

“Happy birthday Bro”

“Bird, eat”

“Our mothers”


“Serve the fatherland!”

“Where is the power, brother?”

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