3 20 Soviet Actresses

20 Soviet Actresses

Posted on July 29, 2018 by tim

Pre plastic surgery, pre-silicon era. Pre Westernized society. Soviet actresses for you. First – Irina Muravieva (above).

2 Natala Bondarchuk

3. Lia Akhedzhakova

4. Larisa Golubkina

4. Elena Tsiplakova

5. Elena Proklova


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3 Responses to “20 Soviet Actresses”

  1. Chac Mool says:

    Many beautiful and classy women. It’s a pity we know nothing abouth them in the West. Sometimes I feel we missed a lot.

    Thanks ER!

  2. NINA! says:

    Please post some pics of Natalya Varley. I saw 2 films with her. She was (and is) a truly charismatic woman.

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