1 Girl,23 Loses 106 KG weight [photo, video]

Girl,23 Loses 106 KG weight [photo, video]

Posted on July 26, 2018 by tim



Sasha, 23, was 162 kg. At 3 y.o. her hormones treatment made her gain weight. At 15 y.o. weighted over 100 kg.



“I was not shy of my weight, was wearing tight and see-thru cloths, I even had leopard pants like fatties from anecdotes. Ordered cloths in Internet.”. 4a76ef7fd720e3a5ffa06637e854d0c6013b9a37_1200

“Boys complete ignore me, went out with my friends, called me just a good person. I thought: If I am such good person why nobody love me? Now seeing old photos I can understand them” .


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  1. Noe says:

    go girl. yes you can. tu puedes

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