6 Abandoned Japan Structures on Sakhalin Island [photos]

Abandoned Japan Structures on Sakhalin Island [photos]

Posted on July 26, 2018 by tim

After Russia lost to Japan in Russia-Japan war part of Sakhalin island belong to Japan for forty years. They built things and Japan called it Karafuto Prefecture. Abandoned Karafuto Prefecture:

Takaradai spiral line or “Devils bridge” is railroad bridge built by Japan, worked till 1994.

It forms a loop when road crosses itself.

Sakhalin railroads have width of 1061 mm and not 1520 like in rest of Russia, this is Japan standard.

Japan built 84 km railroad with use of Korean prison labor.

From 84 km now 25 still in use


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6 Responses to “Abandoned Japan Structures on Sakhalin Island [photos]”

  1. MikeGrost says:

    Excellent material, great photos, great read !!

  2. ARIF says:

    Why does it say “caution radioactivity” on the Aniva lighthouse? (Third to last image.) Is it just graffiti from someone who wrote that to scare people away or to mess with people?

    If there really is high radioactivity there, then from what source? I would understand that a lighthouse maybe could have been nuclear-powered if this was a Soviet building, but this tower, I gather, was built by the Japanese. Curiouser and curiouser.

    • Darkness_99 says:

      It’s not graffiti, it comes from the radioisotope thermoelectric generator (aka RITEG) used to power the lighthouse in Soviet times. I recall, that exactly in this lighthouse something happened to the RITEG shielding and contamination occurred.

      • ARIF says:

        Hm, the people in the picture seem pretty unconcerned. Was a site clean-up performed at the lighthouse? Or do these visitors simply not read Russian? :-o

        • Darkness_99 says:

          Yes, it was cleaned up and RITEG removed. I read an article that listed up the sites on the clean up program (with this lighthouse mentioned)

  3. javox says:

    yes along the USSR were many lighthouse powered by sort of mini nuclear reactor, most of them been removed but i guess there r still few more, of coures out of services

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