0 Photos from Russia [assorted]

Photos from Russia [assorted]

Posted on July 24, 2018 by tim

Some photos people find interesting. (Graduate schoolgirl above has tattoo say “from bell to bell”). More:

Spinners with a leg of goalkeeper caught ball in Russia/Spain game.


“For the energy efficient lamps, batteries, thermometers”, instead bottles and trash

Rio-De-Zhiguleiro – Soviet internal name for Lada was Zhiguli.

“To Drink or Not to Drink?”

Watching world cup.

Icons to put in the car

Fixed flappers

“No drugs hidden here”. Lot of drugs sold by been hidden in secret place then sold location for bitcoin online to avoid passing from hand to hand.

“Automatic faucet just wave your hand”

“For selfies”

“Why women live older” series photo

“The way of trash to trashbox lays thru our concioussness, be more concious”

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