0 Early 20th Century New Colorized photos of Russia [photos]

Early 20th Century New Colorized photos of Russia [photos]

Posted on July 20, 2018 by tim

Starts with color Rasputin touching his beard. More 22 photos (captions also):

Family photo, end of 19th century.

Christmas dinner. Yaroslavl, 1900s.

Gorky (writer) Pirogov (doctor) Repin (artist) famous Russia people of 1905.

Gramophones shop in Petersburg 1910.


Leo Tolstoy.

Tea Drinking Yaroslavl 1900s.

Shalyapin (singer) Kuprin (writer) 1911

Tea drinking



Battleship officers watch the Sun eclipse.

Tsar Nicholas II arrive in army. 1916.

February revolution 1917

Ex-Tsar with son in exile in 1918.


Admiral Kolchak

Czech army enters Irkutsk

Leo Trotsky.

Red Army during break.

Lenin speaks to soldiers.


Second anniversary of Revolution celebration

NKVD (pre-KGB) workers 1930s

Count Mikhail Dolgorukov (last photo) 1937

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