6 Kim Jong-un Arrive to Army Base on Lada [photos]

Kim Jong-un Arrive to Army Base on Lada [photos]

Posted on July 19, 2018 by tim


Weirdly enough Korean leader use old (discontinued in 2017) LADA Priora model to visit army. Here two more photos:


kim_chen_in_02-2 kim_chen_in_03-2


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6 Responses to “Kim Jong-un Arrive to Army Base on Lada [photos]”

  1. Douglas says:

    NK foolishly spends most of their defense money on nuclear weapons.

    • A. Webber says:


      • Tuco says:

        Probably is impossible to like this chubby autocrat with funny hair and his weird pals, but they wouldn’t spend so much in nukes and weapons if they didn’t feel threatened. They saw what happened to Saddam and Kaddafi (and their people).

        • Douglas says:


          Who realistically threatens NKorea.

          • Tuco says:

            Just the most powerful country on the planet, with the biggest armed forces and most deadly weapons, ever. Saddam and Kaddafi didn’t have WMDs, and now their ‘liberated’ people have been enjoying chaos and death for some time…

            We’ll still have to see if plain bullying works with this chubby autocrat.

  2. Asmodeus says:

    LOL. Nice pic.

    I had to explain my nephew how this fat kid in a battered Lada has scared the hell out of so many people. Especially his own.

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