3 Old Russian Trams that Are Lost Now [photos]

Old Russian Trams that Are Lost Now [photos]

Posted on July 17, 2018 by tim

After USSR collapse Russia lost eleven tram systems in its cities. Before trams were state sponsored, now mostly commercial vehicles. Here are some of those we don’t have any more.



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3 Responses to “Old Russian Trams that Are Lost Now [photos]”

  1. Robortom says:

    Very nice post! Thank you!

  2. Brian D Sokoloski says:

    IN Toronto Ontario Canada transit is constantly scraping newer looking trams /subway cars /buses still in working order other countries should make an offer and rebuild to put to use most good for another 30 or more years service rather than going to waste ..another reason scrapping because do not have air conditioning but still working ..this is not good scrapping working equipment

  3. Bill says:

    Sadly the same thing happened in the USA in the 1930’s through the 1940’s all the massive miles of Trolleys(Trams) where removed and destroyed for Bus service. They are now reinstalling trams and light right for mass public transportation and irony of actually digging up the old trolleys rail from where they used to run to the neighborhoods bring the workers into the city. This sad to see such beautiful systems going to rot, all because of governmental mismanagement of funding.

    Because of dirty politician money from Firestone(rubber tire company), GM/General Motors Automotive Bus builders and the Oil(petroleum) formed a 3 part corporation/company that lobbied (bought dirty politician votes) to replace working better tram(trolley system for buses. See Pictures of the many street cars(trolleys being destroyed at )


    Two cities out of about 50+ in the USA which doesn’t call all the small railroads, that served regions of the country no Companies would serve because there were not large enough profits over operating costs. Several thousand not enough they want millions of dollars in profit to provide service the people and towns need to survive for economy and supplies to build things, feed themselves, and build their farms, homes, buildings and more. So they could grow into a bigger city.



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