6 Man Betters Public Lawn [photos]

Man Betters Public Lawn [photos]

Posted on July 5, 2018 by tim

Guy of Chelyabinsk tired of bad lawn. Parked cars, dirt. Buys contractor, does job. Photos:

No permission from city.

personal initiative, hires workers does job


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6 Responses to “Man Betters Public Lawn [photos]”

  1. RB says:

    If these guys were to make a youtube channel and take donations it just might take off and turn into full time jobs.

  2. Vlad says:

    What a Legend!

  3. audeamus says:

    looks good, well done

  4. Phil says:

    I knew it! I just knew it! Those guys are growing grass!

  5. alsjidvhkl says:

    Gravel all around? Soon it will be on the street, then kicked by tires up to your windshield…

    Still looks nice, the barriers will hopefully keep cars from running over the grass so it can stay alive.

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