52 How Much White Russian Slave Costed 150 Years Ago? [photos]

How Much White Russian Slave Costed 150 Years Ago? [photos]

Posted on June 27, 2018 by tim

Just 150 years ago Russia formally abolished slavery. Slaves in Russia were called “krepostnye” or “fixed” – the ones that couldn’t do anything with their lives without their master’s OK. They couldn’t move away, couldn’t marry, couldn’t change who they worked for. They were often beaten and were more or less property. They could be bought and sold for cash or gold. Just like African slaves in USA, except they were local Russian white skinned people.

So how much money did you need 150 years ago to buy a Russian man, woman or a kid?

The prices were different. For example in earlier times, like 1782, they say that a one year old Russian girl would cost you just 1/2 ruble to buy as property.
It was more than a price of a pig, but cheaper than a horse.


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52 Responses to “How Much White Russian Slave Costed 150 Years Ago? [photos]”

  1. Lumpy Gravy says:

    From ancient Greece and ancient Rome to 16th-19th century Spain, Holland, Britain, France, U.S. and many other places, at the root of such outrages as slavery has always been the “profit motive” (as U.S. Presidents and other propagandists lovingly call it) and if not thoroughly checked, the “profit seekers” will stop at absolutely nothing to maintain and increase the return on their “investments”. The political and economic developments of the past 30+ years, during which working people have lost many of the gains they had been struggling for since over a century, demonstrate where the well organized and highly influential “profit seekers” want to take us all. Only today it’s no longer monarchs or feudal tyrants but oligarchic corporate capitalists who are ruining the lives of most.

    For those who haven’t read it yet, there’s a very interesting and in places hilarious letter from a freed slave to his old slave master in Tennessee, who had asked him to come back and work for him again …


    … very recommended reading.

  2. tanksoldier says:

    Yep, they hated the rich so much they waited 40 years to rebel… and promptly found themselves enslaved again, this time to the State.

    • Asmodeus says:

      40 years of “freedom” with miserable wages and no education make BIG Revolutions.

      The ‘State’? They were much better afterwards, trust me.

  3. progressivepretender says:

    but, but where are theirs w;h;i;t;e privilege?

  4. Douglas says:

    Russia in 2018 is basically a 3rd world country for white people…with some upgrades. Yes, they do have amenities similar to the West…even nuclear weapons. The situation is deceptive.

    • Bob says:

      Russia is a third world country? Douglas, are you married to a Ukrainian?

      HOW is Russia a third world country?

      • Douglas says:

        Thanks Bob for your reply. I said it has upgrades and amenities. The common people are some of the poorest on the planet. There is no unemployment benefits or food relief. Their old age retirement benefit is a very low fixed amount …around max $200 USD per month.. Most free government hospitals are using beds from the 1916 era. I’ve seen it with my own eyes….it is beyond belief. But somehow they are survivors. You have to be tough to be Russian. Very good people. I’ve studied Russian culture for 50 years.

        • Bob says:

          I realize the difficulties, I grew around these people but to call Russia a third world country is ridiculous. There were misplaced priorities but things are slowly improving, and it is an accomplished, important culture, shitty living standards for rural notwithstanding.

        • Asmodeus says:

          …” I’ve seen it with my own eyes….it is beyond belief….”. –No, you haven’t. You’re lying.

          In the meantime, please tell us more about the ‘succesful’ Ukraine, the truly poorest country in Europe. You didn’t know?
          It will be fun

          • Douglas says:

            Asmodeus: Why am I lying….I admire the Russian people but their government is corrupt. I am only bare stating facts without any exaggeration.

            • Asmodeus says:

              Ukariane has been, and is the most corrupt and poorest country in Europe, and fits your description perfectly.

              ” From 2001, Vladimir Putin’s second year as president, to 2010, Russia’s middle class grew from 30 percent of the population to 60 percent, one of the highest rates among emerging economies.”– World Bank

              Russia is still recovering fron the diosastrous Yeltsin years, and its doing pretty fine –in comparison with the sitution before the current Govmnt. It’s not perfect, but it’s going in the right durection.

              Too bad you can’t say the same.

  5. Chance says:

    Informative article but I’d leave out “white” at the end of the article as race had little to nothing to do with it unlike other countries and you risk offending people like me who take pride in my race because I was directly responsible for all the good that white people did and none of the bad. I’m also a special snowflake who gets offended by these kind of articles, like my other two euphoric brethren above.

  6. Douglas says:

    IMO, every race has its good and bad features. Also, politics affects most all aspects of life…..even the price of milk and bread.

  7. Tom in South Jersey says:

    You should read Helaire Bellic’s, The Servile State. He gives a good history of slavery in human history. In Rome it was common for slaves to buy their freedom, or for people to sell themselves into bondage because they couldn’t support themselves. America had non African slaves and also had African Americans who owned slaves. Granted their numbers were not as numerous as the traditional image of American slavery.

    My first ancestor to arrive in America was soon a slave of a prominent family in 17th Century Massachusetts Bay Colony. Though White he was whipped and his entire family was bonded to the master. Later they were forced to move with their master to Rhode Island. He escaped several times and was caught living among the local Native Americans. Eventually they were freed and he fled for New Amsterdam.

    • Douglas says:

      There is a type of slavery in the US today. It involves the horrific cost of rental housing. It has steadily risen from 15% of family income to nearly 50% over the past 100 years. Thus making landlords very wealthy and their tenants virtual economic slaves. Wages have not kept up with the cost of housing. This is also somewhat true, even in Russia.

      • Asmodeus says:

        …” Thus making landlords very wealthy and their tenants virtual economic slaves…”. –Boundless, unlimited Capitalism do these kind of things. That’s what you wanted, that’s what you have.

  8. Bro says:

    That’s terrible! I wouldn’t pay more a few rubles for any of these slaves.

  9. Antanas laimutis says:

    I have pictures of Poland slaves

  10. Benjamin Morgentau says:

    …anyone really sees a difference today? Watch the rights we were given some time ago and how many of thrm have been taken away from us. This right here in the middle of the so called democratic states in the western sphere… our rights or what we see as rights are only going so far as not to hinder the profits if the rich. It is why they get richer by the second. It is why globalisation today looks more like a monopoly board where most of us are forced to go back to field one and pay for everything else.

  11. Vlad says:

    Most of the slave traders were Jews, which is often conveniently hidden from history. The Jews were the most angry when the trade ended in Russue, so they incited hate against the Nicholas II as well as being the main ones behind the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik revolution. Jews were also the biggest slave owners and traders of black African slaves, but it’s always the white man who gets the blame, as Jews are keen to keep their sins of slavery hidden from the masses and they control much of the western media and academia, so they control much information flow. Do some research and you’ll find out it’s all true once you get past the Jewish propaganda articles trying to paint themselves innocent all the time.

    • RB says:

      Every where all over Europe everyone wants to blame the Jews for everything. How is it that such a group of people can weld so much power over so many countries? Those Jews must have something the rest of us don’t have otherwise we would be rich and powerful just like them.

  12. Douglas says:

    A friend of mine has a home in a large dacha village that’s about 10 miles east of Moscow. Last month she showed me how they get all of their water with buckets from a local well.
    Another person I know, Sergey, had surgery 2 years ago in his local free hospital . He showed me his bed….it was identical to the ones used by soldiers in 1916~WW I…[except for the 3 inch foam mattress]. Come to your own conclusions..

    • Asmodeus says:

      10 miles east of Moscow? You’re lying.

      • Douglas says:

        Asmodeus: Your angry personal attacks on me are uncalled for. There’s a lot more unfortunate information that I’ve not reported. Have you ever been to a dacha village?

        • Asmodeus says:

          ….”Your angry personal attacks on me …”. –Not personal. But you’re lying on this matter.

          I wonder why…

  13. RB says:

    we take our freedom for granted these days. I wonder what happened to make such a big change? Maybe the steam age somehow was able to take away a lot of the value in having a slave. What made us change in 1860 that made people feel like it was a bad idea to have slaves after hundreds of years?

  14. Raymond O' Hanlon says:

    The word Slave comes from eastern europe , the Vikings took and sold so many Eastern european Slavs and sold them.

    • RB says:

      What I would give to be able to go back in time for one day just to see what was happening in those days.

  15. Laurent GRANIER says:

    It’s the tragic fate or the Russian people and some of my ancestors… 150 years later how could it fall down again under the boot of a dictator?

    • RB says:

      Are you talking about Stalin?

    • Asmodeus says:

      …”150 years later how could it fall down again u….” —Please explain, because Putin slashed poverty by half in 10 years. Too bad that didn’t happen in the ‘West’ in the same period.

  16. Laurent GRANIER says:

    Stalin of course and now Putin.

    • Asmodeus says:

      You are confused with Yeltsin, a true calamity to the russian living standard. But all that ended more than 15 years ago….

  17. Laurent GRANIER says:

    Yes of course he left a very nasty souvenir to the Russian people. A huge feeling of shame…

    • Asmodeus says:

      Yeltsin? He left an economic disaster, while being hailed and loved by the ‘west’. But it was corrected.


  18. Laurent GRANIER says:

    Don’t you know that Russia is sinking into poverty, the level of life of most of the population is falling down, the birth rate reaches critical thresholds, life expectancy is the same that a of a country of the third world, brains are leaving Russia and the country lost each year an impressive part of its population. If you go to Russia and if you want to see the true face of it, go in small towns or in big cities suburbs or in rural areas. I think you will be as impress as I was the first time I saw desolated places and people who just have enough to survive. Putin and his mob system is responsible for this disaster. Russia could and should be one of the richest country in the world and today it’s far to be the case. The Russian society have huge differences between very rich people and very poor ones as in third wold countries.

    • Asmodeus says:

      …”Don’t you know that Russia is sinking into poverty…”. –You’re lying. Russia is growing again, with the “level of life” after only a two year slump, and in black numbers (despite your ‘sanctions’). That’s very easy to back up.

      Russia slashed it’s poverty by half in ten years, and its growing again with small debt. Fact.

      How’s that DEBT of yours? Growing strong?


    • Asmodeus says:

      …”I saw desolated places and people who just have enough to ….”. –Seems you spend to much time in ravaged Detroit.

      …”The Russian society have huge differences between very rich people and …”. –Seems you’re describing your own problems. The US society is becoming the most unequal by the hour, with a shrinking middle class and growing poverty. That’s also very easy to back up.


  19. RB says:

    When I first read in the bible about how you should treat your slaves kindly I could not understand. Now I see that slavery has been here since the beginning and sadly it looks like its not going away.

  20. Laurent GRANIER says:

    Asmodeus, I am not going to spoilt time with you. It seems that you don’t know Russia. My wife is Russian and she now lives in France but comes back many times in a year, she still has his family in Russia and many friends. In Russia she was a teacher in a linguistic university. She lived during the USSR era so we are not speaking about an empiric knowledge of a tourist or of an amateur but a lively experience.

    • Douglas says:

      Thank you Laurent for mirroring my knowledge of Russia. Yes, this uneducated Asmodeus has no idea of what is reality in today’s Russia and his calling me a liar is most disgusting. Once someone starts name-calling, their credibility drops to zero.

      The US sanctions on Russia are a waste of time because they can get whatever they need from elsewhere. Plus the sanctions are costing USA producers millions of dollars in exports. So it really hurts the West much more than it does Russia.

      • Viktor K says:

        “Douglas”.- I guess he wasn’t ‘name calling’. According to you, Russia is the same thing since 1850 or 1916 (sigh), because in your particular right wing view, you don’t like its current governent, the same one that has improved the Russian people’s situation, tangibly, since the post USSR disastrous collapse.

        I enjoy this site and rarely write here. But you needed a little reminder of your sometimes weird (and false) views.

        B. Rgds

        • Douglas says:

          Viktor……I do not have weird and false views. I only report what I see with my own eyes.
          Best regards.

    • Asmodeus says:

      Russia has changed a lot since the USSR disappeared, and improved dramatically over the last 15 years. Anyone who has really visited that country knows this. And it will keep doing so despite your funny bias, or ‘experience’.

  21. Benjamin Morgentau says:

    Unfortunately most if not all policies in Russia are based on the neoliberal ideology and with them comes the typical grave social injustices and hardship for the poor and not so poor. Just like the recent rise of pension age without making shure that there is a solid public pension scheme… a lot of other matters which are of importance for workers (simply the broad range of social security, health, welfare, education and so on) and families are put in place based on the neoliberal agenda as well. This will not have a pleasant end for most as can be seen in the US and Europe where large parts of the population need additional funding from the staates welfare systems…

  22. Son of "Douglas" says:

    Uhm… Nothing has changed. Russians are the only ones sending people to space today, like they were doing… Uhh… in 1916… Uhm…

    My dad told me!

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