5 Life on Russian People in 19th Century [photos]

Life on Russian People in 19th Century [photos]

Posted on May 16, 2018 by tim

Well of course those are not actual photos but rather paintings of Russian artist Vasili Petrov. He lived in 19th century and his main topic was a life of people around him, so his art wasn’t only valued for its cultural form but also for historical expression. And here we have some of his brightest works. Like a first one above is called “Arrival of the main police officer to the investigation, 1957″. Here are some more pics:

An Easter village procession 1861.

Tea drinking ceremony in Mytischi near Moscow, 1862.

“A Diletant” 1862.

Orphaned kids at a cemetery.


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5 Responses to “Life on Russian People in 19th Century [photos]”

  1. Douglas says:

    Well, life in Russia today in 2018 is much the same. Just add cars and different clothes……its almost identical.

  2. Trimule says:

    Wonderful post! An artist I have not seen before who gives us a better than photographic look at a time gone past. As the poster said, “Life was hard” (and then you died!) I enjoyed it very much – thank you for your work.

  3. Douglas says:

    Russians still gather strength from their perceived suffering.
    I had a cold several years ago and my friend in Russia told me the go outside, run around the house 3 times and I would feel better. This is how they think.

  4. The artist is quite brilliant, really captures the life in painting in that era

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