3 CCCP Civil defense

CCCP Civil defense

Posted on May 12, 2018 by jolinfoto




Well, this bunker is really something extra. It is like it is been abandoned with almost all equipment after the collaps of the CCCP…..  Civildefense is a bit smother compared to the military but it is harder to run it. soldiers are trained to do what they are told…

Feeling in the bunker is like someone is on the way to start it up again…………



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3 Responses to “CCCP Civil defense”

  1. Edmund says:

    It is amazing that this has survived untouched or scrapped for parts. I wonder what it would take to start those long quiet engines?

  2. Kent_Diego says:

    Amazingly well preserved. Looked like the generators might still work. Most underground bunkers fill with water leaving everything rusted.

  3. javox says:

    i still not gettin this ppl, all the ammount of materials they used for build all this kind of stuff and now r there rusty waitin to fall down, its pointless, its a shame everythin ended this way and none care about it

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