8 Diminishing Gopniks Culture from Russia [photos]

Diminishing Gopniks Culture from Russia [photos]

Posted on May 4, 2018 by tim

The “gopniks” “culture” is a unique Russian phenomena formed in part by Soviet lifestyle and in part greatly influenced by Soviet incarceration system. However lately its seems to be dying out – less and less of those are in Russia nowadays, in parts probably because of Internet.

Who are the Gopniks? Those were the street thugs who was a menace for a regular citizen passing by as they could beat him, take his possessions or simply harass.

Women are prone to this as well but of course at much rare rate.

So if you ever heard about the Gopniks you probably know there are two specific things that make them stand out and instantly recognizable at least on the Internet photos.

First – they squat. Sitting mostly in this typic “Slavic squat” position.

And thing number two – they wear sport cloths – mostly preferring Adidas.

With Adidas iconic three striped uniforms and squatting makes it instantly anyone look like a “gopnik” representative.

So why they do it?

Squatting has its roots from Russian prisons. According to the stories the beds are being raised in the daytime and inmates have to spend whole day on their legs – no chairs, and the floor is too cold to sit on it. So this way squatting culture appeared, sort of a prison attributed like sagged pants of US inmates.

And this way it went to streets and as sagged pants look sort of “gansta” outside the US prison the same the squatting thing made people look “experienced” and more gangsta.

So you can see it everywhere in post USSR. Not only in Russia. Like in Ukraine or Kazakhstan – two biggest ex Soviet countries after Russia – this culture is alive there too.

The iconic cap or hat is also often an attribute of a gopnik.

But why wear Adidas?

According to the most consensus Adidas (or other sportswear) is sort of very comfortable for the most activities gopniks are engaged in. Being petty street criminals at most their business is to rob and run, often fight in a process.

So it’s sort of much more comfortable to fight and run wearing sport wear rather than tight jeans or suite pants.

And Adidas obsession probably comes from the Soviet times when everything Western was very “cool” and in shortage, and Adidas was very recognized brand from behind the Iron Curtain. So it still stands as most popular sport brand from the West.

The squatting culture is getting its imprint in other areas of life even on such Western made as those M&M figures adopting it.

Like, customer is priority for the company so squatting together with your client when he wants this is sort of a normal thing. Client oriented so to say.


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8 Responses to “Diminishing Gopniks Culture from Russia [photos]”

  1. Douglas says:

    The poverty in Russia is appalling. but has a strong nuclear military. Only about 11% of males ever serve in the ”universal” military. This reality creates the gopnik phenomenon. These kids have no jobs and nothing to do but drink and be obnoxious with their primitive association with others of the same condition. This class of people is not unique to Russia…..they exist elsewhere.

    • aldebaran says:

      so why are you saying then that “The poverty in Russia is appalling”? Is it delightful in the US or the UK, or in France?

      • Douglas says:

        The poverty of Russia and the USA are different. In the US there are many lifelines of help….in Russia these do not exist to any real degree. There is also massive corruption in Russia on low levels. My friend was cared for in a clinic in Moscow, a few years ago. His wounds were stitched up with upholstery thread. That’s all they had….the money allotted to the clinic was mostly taken in large salaries by the Dr.s. I could go on and on.

      • robotnik says:

        What I think he means is; it is appalling to see the poverty in young Russians (and other former USSR countries)

        • Douglas says:

          Robot……the poverty in Russia is across all strata of the population. Retirees receive a fraction of what seniors in other countries get in retirement. The Russian old-age pension is approx. $205 USD per month. Children are expected to financially help their old parents but does that really happen?

  2. Mike says:

    Russian “intelligentsia” aka useless idlers and zombies. Plenty of similar individuals in other countries.

  3. iii says:

    They are clearly western spies- notice how their heels don’t touch ground.

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