11 TU-95MC Equipped With Cruise Missiles [photos]

TU-95MC Equipped With Cruise Missiles [photos]

Posted on May 3, 2018 by tim

Just a couple of photos (and a video!) of Russian strategic bomber TU-95 armed with newest X-101/X-102 cruise missiles. The same it uses in Syria.

It’s routine now is like this – it gets armed with those eight missiles on airbase near the Moscow. Then goes up and flies around 4,000km to reach Syria, there he shoots them down and goes back to Russia.

…all done in one flight.

And here is the video:


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11 Responses to “TU-95MC Equipped With Cruise Missiles [photos]”

  1. Mikec says:

    I wonder how much fuel is used up in each 4000 km flight, and how much each cruise missile costs. What sort of targets demand precision munitions, when enemy has no anti aircraft or anti missile defenses? Also, how is this more effective than using ground artillery or ground launched surface to surface missiles?

  2. Douglas says:

    Yes, this is a formidable warplane…about 500 were built.. Flies almost as fast as the B-52..

  3. Indy says:

    How many much-needed roads and bridges could be built/mended in the country with one of these ?

  4. Horse says:

    You misunderstand, this is not about hurting ISIS, or any other ground target in Syria. This is all about showing the capabilities of the Russian military to the United States, Western Europe, and the Peoples Republic of China. IE, showing what could happen if…

  5. Mike says:

    Excuse me, but it says going to Syria and shooting them (i.e. cruise missiles) down. So what exactly are you saying about “not hurting ISIS or any other ground target in Syria”? Nobody is very impressed with Russian capabilities, such as the only aircraft carrier that is now rusting away, without adequate engines, or nuclear powered ship which is years behind refueling, etc. Lots of stuff Russians have turns out to be obsolete or working much less well than Russians claim. Look at the miraculous SU-57 that India now refuses to develop and pay for with Russia. A dead end project, with handful of prototypes and huge technical problems. Few cruise missiles, a concept Russians copied from Americans, nothing new.

    • Chris says:

      @mike, with all due respect, you need to get your head out of your rear and get informed. You have no clue.

    • Horse says:


      Apparently you misunderstand. I was not suggesting that ISIS, or any other ground targets were not being hurt, in Syria. I was saying that the ground targets being hit, were not the primary intended target of the strikes. Those targets in Syria are the means of delivering the more important (to the Russian Government) message, which is aimed at the U.S. government, the EU, and the PRC.

      This method of sending a message to an entirely different target audience, by killing a third party is nothing new. President Putin has done it before, just as every other government, and many other types of entities has.

      Cruise missiles are just one of the newer methods of delivery, but the use of third party punishment is as old as Humanity.

  6. p51d007 says:

    The TU-95 Bear…the “B52″ of the Soviet Union/Russian military

  7. kwhunter says:

    I thought the TU 95 has a bomb bay?!

  8. Donald Trump=唐纳德特朗普 says:


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