1 Old Soviet Film Strip about How the World Would Look in 2076 [photos]

Old Soviet Film Strip about How the World Would Look in 2076 [photos]

Posted on May 3, 2018 by tim

A 1976 kids film-strip from Soviet Union trying to predict how the cities would look in 2076. Let’s take a look:

Kids, let’s take a tour to the city of future in let’s say 2076.

This kid is in a good mood. He just passed a calculus test behind the special automaton.

The boy leaves a school and steps on a self moving sidewalk going in direction of his home.

Then an elevator takes him to the 200th floor.

Here under a dome he has a garden. The ever-green plants growing in the artificial climate and give you a nice shadow.

Thru a filter glass he can see his native city. Here is it’s ancient part still stays same in all this years.

Some places still have small 9-16 storeyed houses. They were built hundred years ago.

And this is a new city.

If you build small houses they will eventually occupy all the Earth surface!

How can we place billions of people so that it will be comfortable to them?

And also to protect nature..

It’s clear – cities should grow high.

It should co-exist harmonically with a nature around it. And it should grow as an living organism grows.

Like an Ostankino TV station in Moscow looks like a wheat stalk.

Russian philosopher was saying that “Plants build themselves according the same rules as engineers do, but their technology is much finer and perfect than ours”.

So in future, probably houses would look like giant plants.

Like one architect made a project of a highscraper looking like a huge fur tree.

Another engineer made a whole city made of just one house. It’s almost a three kilometers high.

It’s “roots” go deep inside the ground. They are having there warehouses, storage rooms, garages and shops – all “nutrient” infrastructure.

This giant is hosting 170 thousand people and doesn’t take much of a space. Interestingly enough to build such a house-city requires less materials than to build a “regular” city for the same amount of people living in it.

Some people think that the 21st century would be a century of the marine cities. It has a sense to it – we better had to call our plant “The Sea” instead of “the Earth (the ground)”. Sea takes over 2/3 of its surface.

Water lillys float on the lake surfaces..

Why won’t we built same artificial islands and build a city on them? We’ll connect it to the mainland with bridges and dams.

In Arctics and Antarctics there would be a transparent film dome to which a heated air would be pumped. The dome cover is so strong that it can stand the strong storms. During the polar night the dome would have strong day light projectors.


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