4 New Stuff on Display at the Russian Parade 2018 [photos]

New Stuff on Display at the Russian Parade 2018 [photos]

Posted on May 3, 2018 by tim

Each year Moscow gets a so called “Victory Day” parade and a few days before they get the rehearsals. Russian photographer Stanislav went to make some photos. He says it’s a good opportunity to see the parade for “regular” people as on the day of the event only VIPs are being accepted. He mainly focused his attention on the new specimen that Russian army got and let’s see them here:

This one he says is the most funny thing on the parade.

It’s actually an Arctic army snowmobile.

It has a funny chair mounted on it and a machine gun. Like, a driver is driving from a comfort of a heated cabin and the shooter is freezing out there on this school-like chair.

Also there is a jerrycan next to the shooter so if someone shoots a jerrycan it can cause a damage to a shooter as well.

Those are new Russian drones. They already participated in some real world action so no secret anymore.

And it not only can scout but also carry some load and even drop bombs.

Also a helicopter drone. It requires less space to raise in the air.

Also a funny new addition to the parade is the army ATV.

It’s main task is to be used by army scouts, but some say it’s main use in fact would be entertain generals while they indulge in hunting.

Like, ATV in Russia is more like an recreation vehicle and cannot be taken seriously.

And here come real combat robots.

This one is called URANUS-9. It’s sort of a “multi-functional driver-less combat module to scout and support with firepower”.

Just look at his “eyes”. Can it be next time on a marching platform to be a really like its out of a sci-fi?

“Uranus-6” a minesweeping robot.

A new UAZ army pick up truck. Usually the terrorists use such but now the game has changed. Probably they proved to be useful from another side of the war so now we start using them too.


This year also a Russian internal guard called “Ros (Russian) guard” is represented on a parade. They are sort of called in when there are protests and stuff. And its sort of scary they have received such serious vehicles into their possession.

This truck they ride is called “Patrol” based on KAMAZ truck.

They own the assault rifles with silencers to be used in the cities and not attract extra attention.

And this truck as well. Basically they are a police unit and this is what police is going to be using in Russia soon.

Do they know something? It’s clear when army is getting equipped like this, but those are not an army.

Speaking about the police, here is a military police unit. It’s also participating in the parade for the first time ever.

They are the ones who sort of provide law enforcement in Syria now. Many stuff from Syria on this year’s parade, can be said it’s main topic is “Syria”.

That’s how many of them can fit into one truck.

The truck is called “Typhoon” and is also built on KAZAZ chassis.

And this truck is called “Tiger”. Like a full truck armored vehicle but with flashers looks kind of scary.

And that’s it for today. Big thanks to Stanislav for his photos his website can be reached below:


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4 responses to “New Stuff on Display at the Russian Parade 2018 [photos]”

  1. Douglas says:

    Yes, when the local police start to look like military, its not good. Its the same fear in the US. Are the local people the enemy?

    • www says:

      Their (Rosguard) main task is the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Ex-OMON reformed (S.W.A.T in US performs the same functions as far as I know)

  2. MattNSW says:

    The cops in the US bought military gear because it was being sold off very cheaply by the army as it wasn’t needed any more after the withdrawal from Iraq. I don’t know the rational for it in Russia though.

  3. kwhunternot says:

    Heavy police stuff is the norm today, I’ve seen it even in Mexico City. With all those jihadi terrorists and drug cartels police need heavy weapons and vehicles to get the upper hand. Maybe in the US they use tem against some ethnic minorities though…

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