2 What it Like for Internet Provider Working During the War? [photos]

What it Like for Internet Provider Working During the War? [photos]

Posted on April 27, 2018 by tim

A man, technician, working in an Internet service provider in Donetsk region posted some photos showing how it is like to be working in a Internet provider in a region that is being hit by a war. These regions had severe military clashes in the last few years and still being shelled and exchange fires often. But the technical team of the provider still tries to provide uninterrupted Internet service for the people of the region. Sometimes they have to solve really untypical tasks because conditions are very different from the norm.

For example on the first photo you can see an aftermath of a 120mm shell hitting the roof of the building. The shell fragments in turn hit the Internet box with a router and ac/dc converter.

Here is the router hit by the shell fragments.

Everything have to be replaced and started again. With a risk of another shell arriving anytime soon. However they probably are believing in old saying that “lightning never strikes twice in the same place” also, the work must be done no matter what is going on outside.

Another example he posts – a 82 mm shell hits a roof of an old Soviet apartment building. Now the replacement of a optic fiber cable was needed.

Here is where it landed.

And that is the affected Internet optic fiber cable.

And now here is really huge 152mm canon shell exploded 15 meters away from the manhole in the ground that is used to inspect and access underground Internet cable. The manhole and the well it was covered was totally ruined and covered with soil, so they had to dig inside with shovels to inspect the impact of the explosion on the wires.

And this one was a real close call – a 120mm shell exploded 200 meter away from the main office of the Internet provider. Shell fragments landed right on the lawn in front of the main porch of the company.

However no matter what the people of the region still can enjoy the Internet thanks to the people like this guy working in such business.


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  1. Alain says:

    Thanks Russia for bringing war to its neighbours !

  2. MattNSW says:

    Oh ffs can we NOT turn EnglishRussia into another boring slagging off Russia s***fest? There’s enough of that everywhere else – this website is fun and entertaining and refreshingly free of political horse manure, try to keep it this way!

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