1 Special Vehicles Soviet KGB Used [photos+story]

Special Vehicles Soviet KGB Used [photos+story]

Posted on April 27, 2018 by tim

During Soviet era KGB was using different special vehicles for its needs. Visually they didn’t look much different from regular cars. However they were much more powerful, much faster, they were more secure and safe to drive and were loaded with special devices and gadgets. But you couldn’t tell them from other cars looking at the traffic coming before you. And here we have some of those cars in detail.

Starting with ZIS-115 special remake of Soviet ZIS-110 car.

One of those was even used by Joseph Stalin.

The car development was ordered by KGB and they wanted it to be like a moving fortress.

An armored capsule inside the car with 75mm thick armored windows made it virtually unvulnerable for any weapon.

To lift or lower the window they were using the hydraulic jacks, like the ones you use to lift a car when changing the wheel.

This is how thick the windows were compared to the modern day smartphone. Just imagine how heavy they were.

In total the weight of the car was 4.2 tons and was using six liter eight cylinder engine.


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  1. Muzzlehatch says:

    Notice that one some of these cars (Volga & ZiL), the locks were mounted much lower on the doors than normal. This was to enable the KGB agents to unlock the doors while not exposing them to possible gunfire.

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