1 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Thirty-Two Years Later: How Is It There Now?

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Thirty-Two Years Later: How Is It There Now?

Posted on April 26, 2018 by tim

Thirty-two years ago, on this day April 26th a most famous and probably biggest nuclear accident in modern history of man has happened. A Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant got shocked by an explosion which caused hundreds of casualties a whole city to be abandoned and a lot of nuclear fallout fears and actual pollution happened. Today we will see how the place looks today and we going to start with those tour buses that leave from Kiev railroad station to bring tourists to Chernobyl. Yes, it’s that easy now – you just get to the capital Ukraine and from there you take a tour bus to Chernobyl. This is how it goes:

Abandoned houses around Chernobyl.

Trees grow thru the abandoned metal fences. They already much larger trees than they were before so they grow thru the man made obstacles.

The tours from Kiev to Chernobyl are happening on almost daily basis. You can get a guide speaking Russian or English. It takes around one hour trip or 110km to get from Ukrainian capital to the stalking area – place forbidden to live at because of Nuclear poisoning with Pripyat at its epicenter.

To get into this area you need to pass thru the control points like this one. They check your id and check if you are in the list of tourists that were admitted to come here. Obviously you have to reserve your tour beforehand and tour operator gives them the list with names who are going to visit.

Even not at Chernobyl itself you start noticing you are in protected area. No more villages around. Just wilderness. Some villages stay abandoned with no signs of modern capitalism – just old Soviet signs, old houses. However the old Soviet monument on the village entrance is freshly painted.

This is an alley marking the names of the towns and villages that “disappeared” or became unihabited after the Chernobyl accident. You can see that there are tens or maybe hundreds of the little towns and villages – not just Chernobyl or Pripyat (the most famous ones though).


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  1. Peter Nebelung says:

    I dare say Fukushima is now the worlds worst atomic disaster.

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