1 What Foods Have Russian Tsars Have Eaten? [story + photos]

What Foods Have Russian Tsars Have Eaten? [story + photos]

Posted on April 24, 2018 by tim

What did Russian emperors like to eat? Here we are going to tell you about their food interests. Some of them were real foodies!

Russian Tsar Alexander I was fond of green teas and was having them every day in the morning, usually 7:00am with whipped cream and fried white bread toasts. At 10am he was eating fruits after returning from a short walk outside. He especially preferred strawberries. At 4pm he had a lunch and then went on a horse ride. At 9pm he had a tea and at 11pm some fermented milk and sometimes prunes. – these are the memories of his doctor.  Probably a green tea in the morning and prunes and yoghurt at night was a recommendation by the doctor who cared about the Tsar’s digestive system.

This is Alexander the First’s tea pot and cups.

Fruits that he had everyday were grown in the hothouses around the capital. The Emperor’s court was buying most of the fruit grown locally.

He also liked a Russian dish called “botwinya” which consists of Russian fermented drink Kvas, beet leaves and onions and fish.

Also Alexander was fond of tea with honey. 

It was said that during the emperor’s balls he served tea with honey and the women who were present were often sweating because of this and then easily caught colds because of cold winds, so they asked him to stop serving tea with honey during the balls.

After the war with Napoleon he travelled a lot across the Europe and tried not to take foods with him but was often tasting local foods.

It’s been said that he also popularized caviar in Europe. Foreigners looked at it like an “exotic Russian food”. They even tried to boil and cook it at first as they didn’t know they had to eat it as is.


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  1. Douglas says:

    One day last year on Skype, I saw my friend in St. Petersburg eat an entire jar of pickled tomatoes. Following that, he drank the entire pint jar of leftover pickling brine.

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