4 Russian Super Riot Bus Turned Out to be an Aprils Fool Joke [photos]

Russian Super Riot Bus Turned Out to be an Aprils Fool Joke [photos]

Posted on April 23, 2018 by tim

In the beginning of the month Russian websites featured this uber cool riot police bus as a latest anti riot vehicle that is already out on the streets in Moscow. They even had an interview with the engineer who worked in the project. However turns out it was an April’s Fool Joke. Or they backed up and want us all to think it’s a joke. Still if you haven’t seen the photos of this monster bus you can check them out here.

They say it was just a clever 3D model rendered into the streets.

But if they really have this one in stock it really looks very clever and just like a fortress.

“Russia takes their people seriously” was a comment on our English Russia twitter.


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4 Responses to “Russian Super Riot Bus Turned Out to be an Aprils Fool Joke [photos]”

  1. Jewels Vern says:

    The only purpose of a government is to prevent any other group from taking control. Citizens need to control their government. That is why every government eventually considers its citizens to be enemies of the state.

    • Douglas says:

      Jewels Vern>>>…….You sir, are 100% correct. “Every government”…including the USA, which is now a police state, much like Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

      • Jewels Vern says:

        After the revolution, congress enacted a tax exactly like the one that sparked the war. Of course the people refused to pay it, so President Washington personally led the army to collect the tax at gunpoint. You can google “whiskey rebellion” for the story.

  2. Enelson Margaret says:

    If this were true then it would be great. This bus design looks more modern and also sturdy

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