6 Abandoned Soviet Lab That Researched and Produced Real Torpedoes [photos]

Abandoned Soviet Lab That Researched and Produced Real Torpedoes [photos]

Posted on April 22, 2018 by tim

Russian blogger Vladimir has visited one of the spookiest places in Abkhazia (former USSR part of Gruzia/Georgia). This was a top secret Soviet lab researching navy torpedoes. It was code named “Lab N5 NII 400”. And this place is awesome, believe me.

What is Abkhazia now? It’s mainly a resort for rich Russians who want to travel to near by Soviet exotics and also spend time at the beach.

It’s noway connected with top secret military research anymore. However it wasn’t always been a case.

Believe it or not but here, at the nice warm beach there was a lab built that was lead by captured Nazi scientist. They researched many science areas, including nuclear physics but this particular Lab 5-400 was into torpedoes.

It looks like Soviet Union collapsed just a few years ago – many things still stand in place.

Officially the object was conceived in 1944 in Leningrad. Then a part of the scientists moved here to Abhazia. Probably because they needed to actually test their torpedoes all year round and in Leningrad they couldn’t do that in winters.

Here we start noticing actual torpedoes, or their bodies lying around like it’s fine who cares?

Inside you still can see the machines used to build actual things.

Enough words, let’s just watch the photos and try to feel the atmosphere.





Interestingly enough this place, at least nearby part of it is still being used by Abkhazia to test some sorts of the military navy equipment. Since they probably don’t have much of those they invite the foreigners to use their facilities as well.
Big thanks to Vladimir for his photos, you can see his website below:


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6 responses to “Abandoned Soviet Lab That Researched and Produced Real Torpedoes [photos]”

  1. javox14 says:

    i still not gettin, all thouse effort for nothin, now thrown like garbage, its crazy

  2. Mike says:

    Crazy they just leave those presumably inert torpedoes lying around. What is the chance one has a live warhead? Probably nobody checked. Once something is deemed not militarily useful it is just left to rot in Russia. That seems to be a recurring problem and incredible waste of resources.

  3. Edmund says:

    I would love to have a box of those electronic boards, as well as that guidance system, if for nothing else, but to see how they worked.

  4. Mike says:

    Machinery in this factory is rather primitive, no CNC machines, I wonder just how good Russian torpedoes really were or are. One of them apparently exploded bringing a huge Russian sub to the bottom of the ocean. A huge embarrassment for Russia.

  5. mike1 says:

    Dude, this place is abandoned 30+ years ago, already in 80s!

  6. Quinn The Eskimo says:

    ALL Artifacts ARE USEFUL, to Nothing Else REAFFIRM Current Theories.

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