4 English Russia Daily Report Part #9 [Putin, Syria, Cats etc]

English Russia Daily Report Part #9 [Putin, Syria, Cats etc]

Posted on April 10, 2018 by tim


During Easter week Easter this guy got Jesus face on his dirty frying pan. This Jesus also is Putin by the way.

Here is a story. Girl cooks her boyfriend a dinner. Tasty pelmeni.
“Mikhail do you like my pelmeni? (giggles)”
“Mikhail, would you marry me?”
Then Mikhail breaks a tooth. You’ll see why if you watch the video above.

You probably heard that some of the famous logos of the big companies have the secret hidden element in them. Like FedEx is the most famous example:


FedEx got an arrow in its logo. Once seen cannot be unseen.

But did you also know that Adidas is also secretly hiding something in a plain sight:


Right, it has hidden a squatting Slavic person in its logo, and yes, that’s probably the reason why Russians (and all Slavs) like wearing the Adidas that much (they also like to squat).

Talking about offensive memes, here is Stalin (with Hitler):



What’s he shocked about so much? Maybe this:


That’s right there is a Stalin grand daughter in Portland, Oregon and she is sort of.. very liberal or not liberal? Still very umm.. unconventional for a Soviet person.

By the way here is a cool video was very popular on our Twitter:

It’s just a Babushka dancing but she is so smooth and fun to watch. Too pity she didn’t jump on the scooter and glide away after stopped dancing.

And another video. Bear ran thru Latvia-Russia border, broke the fence too. Proves that borders are purely human constructs. Nature has no borders.

Talking about borders and zoning conflicts,


In order to reserve their parking spots while they are out people of Moscow put small trailers chained to the fence or other obstacles this way being sure they have not circle around in search of a parking place when they get back from work.


Not sure who first got this idea, but now there are tens of them in some inner streets of Moscow.


And those are really small trailers. A person in Twitter says American people do same stuff at American North East. Have you seen that?

But what Americans surely don’t do (almost certainly) is don’t do such things on their weddings:

Like, okey that’s a nice dance but not very abroad accepted probably.

Ok we are almost there. One more video or picture and that’s it.

Here it is:


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4 Responses to “English Russia Daily Report Part #9 [Putin, Syria, Cats etc]”

  1. Douglas says:

    Watching the old granny and her bucket was pure torture…..omg. lol

  2. MattNSW says:

    Offset by that girl in the pink dress though… That’s some pretty sweet eye candy.

  3. RB says:

    The first picture they look the same only with just a bit of gravity but still very healthy.

  4. zzz says:

    In Siria – you lie, Siria have its president and yours-goverment “recomendation” – not neendeds its, and as destructive for every other county, also.
    (and i am not fanat of pr.Putin if so)

    Durov – named from root of word durak… (eng: stupid,ets like this)

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